Date Nights.

You know what's completely worth the money? 3D movies. 
Yeah, you might look silly in those plastic glasses but honestly seeing confetti blown in your face and Sully from Monster's Inc. pop out of the screen is totally worth it. 
See? I told you that you look funny in those plastic glasses. 
Monster's U was totally as adorable as the first. Think of it as Van Wilder but without all the sex, drugs and boobs. 
No really, you can take your kids. It's legit. 
Beardy and I, however, went to it without kids.
And we were probably the only two without kids in the theater. 
Annnd the only ones who stayed until the end of the credits. 
Which I totes recommend BeeTeeDubs. 
(You're welcome.) 

Who said having Hardee's (Carl's Jr. to you West coast people) and going to see a cartoon isn't romantic? It totally is. 

This was completely pointless too, but you liked it. 
Oh, I am linking up to Sami today...because I actually did something this weekend. 
Sami's Shenanigans

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  1. We saw Monster's Inc this week too, wasn't it adorable? I loved it!!