Who's in the trunk!?

I may be slightly obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. I am the first to admit it. But seriously, I started reading the books before the show was even thought of. I don't care if 14 year olds watch it, I enjoy it.

This season I will be tweeting for The College Crush which is so EXCITING!! And now ya'll can't get mad because I tweet spoilers too...because I am known to do that.
Last season it stopped with the girls looking into a trunk after almost being burned alive by A in the summer house. Mona was with them and they all gasped together. (And scene.)
Who is in the trunk!?
Your guess is as good as mine, but anywhoo, I will tell you anyway who I think.
1. Jason
He is always missing, always hurt and always creepy.
2. Ali
Because we all know that one of the twins has to be dead. (See: Books. I am not going to try and explain it.)
3. Wilden
This is really obvious, but you never know, the producer likes to think she's throwing us for a loop and poof...its who we expected but didn't think would be the person because it's too obvious.
4. CeCe 
Also, really obvious. But, she's been creepy last season as well.
5. The Red Coat. Like no one in it, just the coat.
You never know, the producers like to piss off the die hard fans. It could be something like this, don't you think?
Pretty Little Liars has sucked me in again and don't worry about me when you don't hear from me because I got the newest book that just came out last week.
I like to confuse myself.
I'll read it in a day.
Come tweet with me over @thecollegecrush tonight! ... if you don't mind spoilers.

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  1. sigh. i give it one episode and then i may have to quit... xoxoxooxox