Questions I ask myself while watching Sex and the City...

I love Sex and the City (obvi, my blog is named after it...) but things about the show really irk me. 
Why does Carrie insist on wearing shirts where you can see her bra?

This is just not pretty. 
But it's usually one extreme to another with Ms. Car-Bear (we're BFFs, I can call her that.) Then there is the "no bra" look. 
And then I may change the channel if the characters break the fourth wall (hi, I was a theatre major) and talk to the screen. I have mentioned this many times on twitter, but it REALLY bugs me. Thank God it only lasts a season. 
How does Carrie afford to have a nice apartment and buy really expensive shoes? She writes a weekly. 
Why does Carrie always go for the wrong guy? I mean Big vs. Adian? Pretty sure Adian wins out every single time. Adian did not leave Carrie hanging during the duration of the show. Adian also did not leave Carrie at the alter.
Why don't friends like Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda exist IRL?
I ask myself this daily.
How does Carrie walk around in heels everyday? Even in the movie, she goes to Miranda's in PJ's and booties.
Who wears necklaces to bed? I would choke to death.
 And finally, I found this realllly amusing. Like more than I should.
Did you ever wondering anything about Sex and the City?


  1. Absolutely loved this. I was watching a marathon today and was asking myself about the heels.. But I do love Big over Aiden. (Sorry) its her one true BIG love! But I would also choke to death wearing necklaces to bed.