PLL recap.

I think I am going to make this a thing. 
Ya Dig? 

Pretty Little Liars could have killed me last night. I was holding my breath so much during the episode without even noticing it. 

So recap: 

The RV is missing.
The liars almost get to be roadkill again...until Emily saved them. 
Emily lands on a rock. Her shoulder is effed.
Emily starts taking way too many pain pills.
Spencer did not get into Uni of Penn. This. crushed. Her. Poor Spence. 
Hanna should not poke the bear....goes off on Shana. Not good.
New eye candy! Aria's karate instructor. (This is why I keep watching, who are we kidding...) 
Hanna finds her mom's muddy Manolos in a bag under the sink. Ms. Marin is acting shady as eff in this episode. 
Mona is talking to the police, eavesdrops to find out they are looking for someone in stilettos that was with Wilden before he died.
Hanna also finds out that Ali's mom has a very creepy bird.
We learn that Ali can hold her breath for a long time in a flashback. 
Spencer finds out Toby took the RV. 
We find out that Toby's mom kills herself...but Toby doesn't believe it. 
The pain pills that Emily has been taking prove to be too much and she knocks herself unconscious during the race.  
The bird is singing a telephone number. (Hello, clue!) 
The girls call the number: no answer. 
The bird disappears out a open window. (Obvi, A did that.) 
Ms. Marin throws her Manolos in a garbage bag. 
The hooded person with gloves made it seem that shim ate the bird, shim didn't. Don't worry. 
Annnd that was the end. 

Does anyone else find it odd that the liars have so many break-ins but still fail to call the police?



  1. I was on edge the whole time too! I know, why don't they report more things??

  2. I totally thought someone was eating the bird at the end!!