PLL recap. {spoilers, okay? don't hate me!}

PLL happened last night. And as per usual, I was in a trance for about 47 minutes, give or take for commericals.
Everyone has had mixed reviews with PLL saying that they are being strung along, but honestly, I enjoy it. I don't have any other obsessions, so I justify this as my "guilty pleasure."
In 2003, I had another guilty pleasure with a show called The OC. I bet you remember it. Seth Cohen is my spirit animal. I planned my life around The OC.
It hasn't went that far with PLL, but I am still equally as obsessed.
Oh, right, I was doing a recap about last night's episode.
So, it started with the girls looking in the trunk, which yesterday I explained wasn't going to be who we thought it would be.
I was half right. It was a pig...go figure.
So after that, the girls left the scene without telling authorities and went to hunker down for the night.
The girls found out about some of the questions they were wondering since A had come into their lives:
  • Mona put the cop car in Hanna's garage. (She must have cat-like reflexes and is very stealth, because you'd think you would hear the garage open...)
  • Shanna may be in love with Jenna, these two also knew each other before Rosewood. They also are terrified of Melissa, Spencer's sister.
  • CeCe was in Radley when Mona was and Mona thought it was Ali. (Because she looks so similar, why was she there?)
  • Lucas gave Emily the massage that one time.
  • Toby was recruited by Mona. (Obvi, duh.)
  • Mona does not know who pushed Ian off the bell tower.
The girls then turned on the news and saw that there was a crime scene at the car where they left the pig. Guess who was there instead of the pig? Obvi Wilden, get it? Pig=police officer.
Soon after, maybe before...(the show all blurs together at some point) Mona shows the girls the video of who put Aria in the box on the Halloween train. (AKA The Queen(s) of Hearts...there was two of them.) It was Wilden. Shocker, I know. The other one cut off before we could see their face. Mona says it was Melissa.
I don't believe her.
So basically the whole episode the girls were running around trying to figure out how A was going to destroy them during the funeral.
What else happened:
Weird little girls playing with dolls that looked like the liars outside of Mona's lair.

Oh, and Ali's mom moved back into her old house.
And the scene where Ezra is picked up by the cops for sleeping with a minor? Daydream.
Hanna's wearing a wig, because Ash Benz got sick of having blonde hair. (Also for her Spring Breakers movie.)
Or so the internets says.
There's a burn on Jenna's hand. RED FLAG.
Dead Wilden had Hanna's mom's phone.

Then there was a woman at the funeral with a black veil, which was totally weird.
How does Rosewood not notice these weird things? If there was one person in veil, you think you would ask more questions.
New cop is on the scene. He's probably going to die too.
El fin.
The episode ended with A making a Mona doll and putting it with the others. So now Mona's screwed as much as the liars? Looks that way.
Anyone else sick of PLL? Or are you going to stick with it like me?



  1. Yea, I found it all completely random last night. I still am going to watch but there were a few points where I went hmmm... here we go again!

  2. I love love love this show!!
    Rosewood residents never notice the "weird" things...

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  3. Sick of it, as you already know haha. I hate that we never get answers! Like, ever! I'll probably try again next week but then give it up, I'm not as clever as you!! love you!

  4. I adore PLL! It's one of my guilty pleasures and I have to watch it super late at night because my husband can't stand it. He won't admit it, but sometimes he asks for recaps just like this ;)

  5. Oh I'm TOTALLY sticking with PLL- I can't get enough of it. I started watching it in the fall when we got Netflix, and it's basically life-changing. Haha ;)

    I found you through the GFC blog hop! I'm your newest follower!
    Have a great day!