OMGahh, so skinnyzzz!

Everywhere I turn lately is all about weight.

I turn on my radio to Cosmo and my main girl Tay and Kenny are talking about weight. Tay has gained weight since the wedding, blah blah blah... 
Turn the channel. 

All over the blogs and IG I see skinny posts.
Nothing tastes as good as Skinny feels.
X'd out. 

All of this skinny talk makes me feel stabby. 
I get you want to be healthy, I get you want to look good in a bathing suit, but do you have to bash it over and over and overrrr into everyone's head? 

It's triggering too. You see, I am a recovering anorexic. In college I lived on basically a bite of food a day. On the weekends, I lived on a tuna salad sandwich. It got to the point where my body was eating itself. My teeth were messed up. I was a disaster. 

It can get out of control fast. It started with those 'thinspiration' blogs and then spiraled out into an oblivion.

If you want to lose weight, do it the right way. Cleanses, Slim Fast diets and other crash diets do.not.work.
Eat healthy, don't eat crap. Don't drink every single meal. I have done that. You know what happens? Your gums start eating themselves. Yeah. It's not pretty. 

You know what's in? Healthy. I am trying to lose weight just like everyone else, but I am doing it the right way. I walked four miles yesterday with my friend and her puppy.

I look up to Whitney Thompson and Kate Upton. Healthy. They may be considered "plus-sized" in fashion world, but to me, that is what I want to look like. 

Lizzybell over and out.

Oh, I am linking up today too, because well, I want people to get pissed at me, I guess.


  1. Wonderful Post, love everything about it!! I also love Whitney and Kate, they are both so beautiful. Stay Strong girl!

  2. The fact that those 2 are considered "plus size" is what's wrong with our society today. Those girls are beautiful. To me, they have perfect bodies, I'd be THRILLED if I looked anywhere NEAR that good. I love this post and agree with my whole heart. Being healthy is about eating right, being active and living healthy.. not being skinny! Thanks for this!

  3. I second what Alyson said! For real, she took all the words out of my mouth.

    You go girl!

  4. I completely agree. There are 2 people at work doing crazy diets right now. One is doing some lemon cleanse for 25 days and the other is doing the HCG diet where she injects herself with HCG everyday and is limited to only 500 calories each day! Both of them are crazy!