Letters to Miley, Backstreet and Amanda...

Hey, ya miss me?
I know, I know, I am one of those shitty bloggers that say they blog and then loses 10 followers. Oh well. That won't matter on Monday. I'll be back down to 70.
So I usually write open letters to the Backstreet Boys ahem, AJ...
Welp, here's a whole bunch of letters. Because, well, I am not a fashion blogger nor am I witty, so this is what you get.
Dear Backstreet Boys (yes, as a whole),
I am so glad I saw you all over everything this week performing your new song and looking all hot and shit. Letterman was a riot.
I am so glad that ya'll are back and ready to take the world by storm. (Much like 1999.)
Oh, btw, Nick...you're still technically fair game. MARRY ME. Sorry Beardy.
They have aged well, yes?
Dear Amanda Bynes,
You're ugly. Stop calling everyone else ugly. It ain't cute anymore. And to think I liked you in She's the Man...
You need a therapist.

Dear Carrie Bradshaw,
Who styled you gals first season? You can def tell you're from 1998. I also cannot stand the way everyone breaks the forth wall.
Dear Miley,
Your video disturbs me. But I love the song. It may or may not have been on repeat while I was getting ready for work today.
When you make out with the Barbie I am officially creeped out.  
The bear part scares me.
Also you twerking disturbs me.
Mostly because I keep thinking of you as Hannah Montana and not secksi Mileyz.
But keep on keepin' on.
Love ya betch.



  1. I have tickets to see BSB this summer :) I will always be in love with them!

  2. I want to say that to Amanda Bynes in response to her tweets but I'm afraid she'll block me and I'll no longer have a ringside seat for her craziness