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Letters to Miley, Backstreet and Amanda...

Hey, ya miss me?
I know, I know, I am one of those shitty bloggers that say they blog and then loses 10 followers. Oh well. That won't matter on Monday. I'll be back down to 70.
So I usually write open letters to the Backstreet Boys ahem, AJ...
Welp, here's a whole bunch of letters. Because, well, I am not a fashion blogger nor am I witty, so this is what you get.
Dear Backstreet Boys (yes, as a whole),
I am so glad I saw you all over everything this week performing your new song and looking all hot and shit. Letterman was a riot.
I am so glad that ya'll are back and ready to take the world by storm. (Much like 1999.)
Oh, btw, Nick...you're still technically fair game. MARRY ME. Sorry Beardy.
They have aged well, yes?
Dear Amanda Bynes,
You're ugly. Stop calling everyone else ugly. It ain't cute anymore. And to think I liked you in She's the Man...
You need a therapist.

Dear Carrie Bradshaw,
Who styled you gals first season? You can def tell you're from 1998. I also cannot stand the way everyone breaks the forth wall.
Dear Miley,
Your video disturbs me. But I love the song. It may or may not have been on repeat while I was getting ready for work today.
When you make out with the Barbie I am officially creeped out.  
The bear part scares me.
Also you twerking disturbs me.
Mostly because I keep thinking of you as Hannah Montana and not secksi Mileyz.
But keep on keepin' on.
Love ya betch.



PLL recap.

I think I am going to make this a thing. 
Ya Dig? 

Pretty Little Liars could have killed me last night. I was holding my breath so much during the episode without even noticing it. 

So recap: 

The RV is missing.
The liars almost get to be roadkill again...until Emily saved them. 
Emily lands on a rock. Her shoulder is effed.
Emily starts taking way too many pain pills.
Spencer did not get into Uni of Penn. This. crushed. Her. Poor Spence. 
Hanna should not poke the bear....goes off on Shana. Not good.
New eye candy! Aria's karate instructor. (This is why I keep watching, who are we kidding...) 
Hanna finds her mom's muddy Manolos in a bag under the sink. Ms. Marin is acting shady as eff in this episode. 
Mona is talking to the police, eavesdrops to find out they are looking for someone in stilettos that was with Wilden before he died.
Hanna also finds out that Ali's mom has a very creepy bird.
We learn that Ali can hold her breath for a long time in a flashback. 
Spencer finds out Toby took the RV. 
We find out that Toby's mom kills herself...but Toby doesn't believe it. 
The pain pills that Emily has been taking prove to be too much and she knocks herself unconscious during the race.  
The bird is singing a telephone number. (Hello, clue!) 
The girls call the number: no answer. 
The bird disappears out a open window. (Obvi, A did that.) 
Ms. Marin throws her Manolos in a garbage bag. 
The hooded person with gloves made it seem that shim ate the bird, shim didn't. Don't worry. 
Annnd that was the end. 

Does anyone else find it odd that the liars have so many break-ins but still fail to call the police?



PLL recap. {spoilers, okay? don't hate me!}

PLL happened last night. And as per usual, I was in a trance for about 47 minutes, give or take for commericals.
Everyone has had mixed reviews with PLL saying that they are being strung along, but honestly, I enjoy it. I don't have any other obsessions, so I justify this as my "guilty pleasure."
In 2003, I had another guilty pleasure with a show called The OC. I bet you remember it. Seth Cohen is my spirit animal. I planned my life around The OC.
It hasn't went that far with PLL, but I am still equally as obsessed.
Oh, right, I was doing a recap about last night's episode.
So, it started with the girls looking in the trunk, which yesterday I explained wasn't going to be who we thought it would be.
I was half right. It was a pig...go figure.
So after that, the girls left the scene without telling authorities and went to hunker down for the night.
The girls found out about some of the questions they were wondering since A had come into their lives:
  • Mona put the cop car in Hanna's garage. (She must have cat-like reflexes and is very stealth, because you'd think you would hear the garage open...)
  • Shanna may be in love with Jenna, these two also knew each other before Rosewood. They also are terrified of Melissa, Spencer's sister.
  • CeCe was in Radley when Mona was and Mona thought it was Ali. (Because she looks so similar, why was she there?)
  • Lucas gave Emily the massage that one time.
  • Toby was recruited by Mona. (Obvi, duh.)
  • Mona does not know who pushed Ian off the bell tower.
The girls then turned on the news and saw that there was a crime scene at the car where they left the pig. Guess who was there instead of the pig? Obvi Wilden, get it? Pig=police officer.
Soon after, maybe before...(the show all blurs together at some point) Mona shows the girls the video of who put Aria in the box on the Halloween train. (AKA The Queen(s) of Hearts...there was two of them.) It was Wilden. Shocker, I know. The other one cut off before we could see their face. Mona says it was Melissa.
I don't believe her.
So basically the whole episode the girls were running around trying to figure out how A was going to destroy them during the funeral.
What else happened:
Weird little girls playing with dolls that looked like the liars outside of Mona's lair.

Oh, and Ali's mom moved back into her old house.
And the scene where Ezra is picked up by the cops for sleeping with a minor? Daydream.
Hanna's wearing a wig, because Ash Benz got sick of having blonde hair. (Also for her Spring Breakers movie.)
Or so the internets says.
There's a burn on Jenna's hand. RED FLAG.
Dead Wilden had Hanna's mom's phone.

Then there was a woman at the funeral with a black veil, which was totally weird.
How does Rosewood not notice these weird things? If there was one person in veil, you think you would ask more questions.
New cop is on the scene. He's probably going to die too.
El fin.
The episode ended with A making a Mona doll and putting it with the others. So now Mona's screwed as much as the liars? Looks that way.
Anyone else sick of PLL? Or are you going to stick with it like me?



Who's in the trunk!?

I may be slightly obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. I am the first to admit it. But seriously, I started reading the books before the show was even thought of. I don't care if 14 year olds watch it, I enjoy it.

This season I will be tweeting for The College Crush which is so EXCITING!! And now ya'll can't get mad because I tweet spoilers too...because I am known to do that.
Last season it stopped with the girls looking into a trunk after almost being burned alive by A in the summer house. Mona was with them and they all gasped together. (And scene.)
Who is in the trunk!?
Your guess is as good as mine, but anywhoo, I will tell you anyway who I think.
1. Jason
He is always missing, always hurt and always creepy.
2. Ali
Because we all know that one of the twins has to be dead. (See: Books. I am not going to try and explain it.)
3. Wilden
This is really obvious, but you never know, the producer likes to think she's throwing us for a loop and poof...its who we expected but didn't think would be the person because it's too obvious.
4. CeCe 
Also, really obvious. But, she's been creepy last season as well.
5. The Red Coat. Like no one in it, just the coat.
You never know, the producers like to piss off the die hard fans. It could be something like this, don't you think?
Pretty Little Liars has sucked me in again and don't worry about me when you don't hear from me because I got the newest book that just came out last week.
I like to confuse myself.
I'll read it in a day.
Come tweet with me over @thecollegecrush tonight! ... if you don't mind spoilers.


Engagement Monday.

I made that title up. Sue me. It's a Monday.
Everyone in the blog world has been getting engaged or having babies and I realized I never posted my engagement story for my new readers. I'm engaged! (okay, for four years.)  

Everyone knows I met Beardy while I was home from school. (At the time I was living in CA.) 5 months after we met, I moved home and straight in with him. 

Dumb move right? I mean, I wasn't one of those people to pick up my life and move in with a boy. Good thing it worked out!!

In May, 8 months to the day after we started dating, we jetted off to Vegas for a meetup with his friends.

We spent the day sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun and seeing the sights. 

Vegas is a blast. Especially the fact you can drink on the streets? Fine by me. 

That night, Beardy wanted to go see the Eiffel tower. I am obsessed with Paris, I was a fashion student at the time, I mean, why wouldn't I be?

We got ready and left for Paris. 

Beardy said that he forgot his wallet in the room before we left the hotel, which made me feel suspicious. He never forgot his wallet. 

After frisking him trying to feel for a ring, I realized that I was probably overreacting. We had been together for 8 months and had talked about marriage, but I never thought he would actually propose! 

We took our shuttle to the strip and bought our tickets. I kept asking if he had anything in his pockets and he kept saying he didn't. 

Now, I tell you right now, the Eiffel tower is fricken high. Pretty much thought I was going to die. I hate heights. HATTTE. 

Getting to the top of the tower was pretty much one of the most freaky things ever. Beardy begged me to come out on the deck to "see the view." In hindsight, I wonder what he would have done if I refused... 

After telling me how beautiful and how much he loved me he said "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." ...and pulled out the ring. As soon as he said "Will you marry me?" I fell to my knees, so obviously, he didn't get on his. I obviously said yes. 

Thank God there was a lady that was eavesdropping and offered to take a picture because I would have never thought of it. 

This is in a different color because, well, we are sunburned. BAD. 

Pretty much was the best vacation ever. 

Now, four years later, we are finally planning the wedding and we are finally tying the knot next year! Talk about the 5 year Engagement, right?!

And there is my engagement story. Romantic. 
Do you have a good engagement story? Or one that you hope happens? 
I think Beardy did good, right? 



OMGahh, so skinnyzzz!

Everywhere I turn lately is all about weight.

I turn on my radio to Cosmo and my main girl Tay and Kenny are talking about weight. Tay has gained weight since the wedding, blah blah blah... 
Turn the channel. 

All over the blogs and IG I see skinny posts.
Nothing tastes as good as Skinny feels.
X'd out. 

All of this skinny talk makes me feel stabby. 
I get you want to be healthy, I get you want to look good in a bathing suit, but do you have to bash it over and over and overrrr into everyone's head? 

It's triggering too. You see, I am a recovering anorexic. In college I lived on basically a bite of food a day. On the weekends, I lived on a tuna salad sandwich. It got to the point where my body was eating itself. My teeth were messed up. I was a disaster. 

It can get out of control fast. It started with those 'thinspiration' blogs and then spiraled out into an oblivion.

If you want to lose weight, do it the right way. Cleanses, Slim Fast diets and other crash diets do.not.work.
Eat healthy, don't eat crap. Don't drink every single meal. I have done that. You know what happens? Your gums start eating themselves. Yeah. It's not pretty. 

You know what's in? Healthy. I am trying to lose weight just like everyone else, but I am doing it the right way. I walked four miles yesterday with my friend and her puppy.

I look up to Whitney Thompson and Kate Upton. Healthy. They may be considered "plus-sized" in fashion world, but to me, that is what I want to look like. 

Lizzybell over and out.

Oh, I am linking up today too, because well, I want people to get pissed at me, I guess.