Things I can't do.

Who is working on Memorial Day? (this girl.) Eh, only a year of working part-time jobs and then I put my big girl pants on and get a job in my related field (see: Comm=can do anything.)

Now, I am not coordinated and I also am kind of klutzy.  I mean, mostly everyone know this about me but I really can't...

Walk in heels. I am worse than JLaw at the Oscars. I literally look like a baby giraffe.
When I asked about heels for the wedding on twitter, I realized that I probably will be in flats because I really don't wanna biff it down the aisle. Which would happen.

Paint my nails on my left hand. I just can't. I rather have naked nails. I also don't have the patience to sit an wait for them to dry.

Cook. Beardy does all the cooking usually. I cooked ranch chicken once and burned it when Beardy's brother was in town...they both ate it. Such nice boys.

Curl my hair with a flat iron. The left side always looks like I put my finger in a light socket. It never turns out like LC's.

Line dance. Beardy tried to teach me this the night we first met and after trying for about 10 minutes, I sat down on the floor and said nope! Not learning! Still to this day I can't line dance. I can Cupid Shuffle. That counts for something, right?

Drive and eat at the same time. It just isn't possible for me. I am not coordinated. (I can't walk and chew gum at the same time either.) 

Color my own hair.  This is probably why I worked in salons so long. First of all, don't box color yer hair. Just don't. You will regret it and you will cry. I have seen a lot of girls come in with green tinged hair trying to become ombre...

Run. I end up looking a lot like Phoebe from Friends. This may be why people won't work out with me. 

Along those same lines, I also cannot hike. Ew. I am not an outdoorsy girl at all. Shopping is my cardio. 

Are there things that you can't do?


  1. Oh my gosh I cannot stop laughing at that Friends gif, Phoebe running is too hysterical. And I so agree with you about heels, I am AWFUL in them!

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  3. I definitely cannot walk in heels. My friend's two year old daughter seems to do a better job than me. Glad I'm not alone. Haha.

  4. hahahah i love the phoebe run! sorry you had to work over the holiday :(