Things I can do.

The other day I posted about the things that I can't do. I mean, who can really walk well in heels? So in good fashion, I thought I would toot my own horn for a little bit so you all didn't think that I was a a total mess.

So without futher small talk, things that I can do:

Read magazines like it's my job. I am obsessed with weeklies. When I used to work at the salon I would make sure that I stole the People before the cute old ladies came in for their rollersets.

Sing. Not many people know that about me, but I do sing. I even won a karaoke contest in college. I sang Lady Maramalade with my roommate and my neighbor. (Yay free food and walmart giftcard!)
Fun fact: I can rap. Boom.

The Cupid Shuffle. It's easy, mostly because he says what you're supposed to do. I mentioned that in my last post. This could be my favorite wedding dance faux pax song.

Adopt cats. Currently I have two. If Beardy wasn't around, I would have two million. Plus a five dogs, a giraffe and an minature horse. (You think I'm kidding...)

For all you Warhol lovers out there... Such a handsome kitten.
Overpack. I am the queen at this. I may be leaving for a weekend, but who knows if I will need 12 sundresses? Be prepared. That's my motto.
Quote every episode of The OC. (RIP)

Do my makeup in the car. Obvi while someone else is driving, I ain't that talented.
Order food like a pro. I am very picky. Like picky like Sally from When Harry Met Sally picky.
Is there things that you're good at?
Oh, it's #backthatazzupfriday!
Clearly, you need to check out the style that also goes along with this gem. (Give it to me...)


  1. Haha. I love this!!! Way to "toot your own horn" ;-)