fake it till you make it.

Lately, I have been having this dilemma about knock off items. Whether it be purses, sunglasses, wallets, even iPhone cases.
Why do you ask? 
First, while obessing over "What's in my Bag" videos on youtube, I found this girl that could be my kindered spirit animal. (We would be cats, just FYI.) Her name is Kendall. She is a beauty vlogger over on youtube.
A couple days ago she had a video showcasing a brand of knock off LV's and MK's. (Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors to all the non-fashiony people out there...)
Now here's the thing. The LV's looked pretty legit.
I am one who saves up all of her money to buy that perfect bag. (And by save up all her money I mean that I buy it on hella sale...)
My first Marc Jacobs was a wristlet that was $50.00 from the MJ store in Vegas. My second one was from a friend who didn't want hers anymore.
I have always wanted an LV for my own and I can't justify spending more than I would on rent....or a car for that matter.
So there is my dilemma. Do I buy a knock off that looks pretty legit for $35.00 or do I save my pennies and use my wedding money  hard earned cash from when I get a big girl job?

I always believed that having a knock off was bad juju...so now I am not sure.
I am pretty sure my fake would be spotted and go down like Sam with her "Frada" on SATC.
Would you buy knock off? Or do you not care of the label?


  1. Hmm, I'm not sure. I'd be too scared someone would know it was fake!

  2. im not a fan of the fakes. i save up, ask for gift cards for birthday, etc. when i got my first job after grad school i bought myself a kate spade as a splurge.

  3. SAVE / get on super sale or from outlets. I wouldn't worry about getting a fake just because I don't care (lol) but you'll take better care of it and keep it longer if it's real!