Day einem oder zwei #blogeverydayinmay

Hi kittens. 
I just finished a bitch of a paper so I figured I would jump into this link-up. I hate not being included. (srsly.) So let's get to it! 

Day one: Story of My Life

I was born May of 1987. (Holla to best month evaaa!) I am the oldest of three. I grew up on a farm filled with sheepdogs, cats, horses and cows. My grandparents lived next door.

My dad walked out on my family when I was 13. Later that year, my grandma died. That was the single hardest year of my life. I also ended up in rehab for cutting. I am a recovering self-harmer. In high school I immersed myself in theater and designed the makeup for my senior year play. I went to college in Rockford and ended up in San Francisco for fashion. That same year I ended up on the West coast, I met Beardy, my fiancee. (Beardy is not his real name, obvi.) We got engaged on the fake Eiffel Tower 8 months after we met. That was 4 years ago May 8. (Not rushing marriage, duh...) But seriously, he is my rock. I'm still in school, but in Wisconsin. (Second best school in the state...actually...)  I will finish next May with a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Organizational Communication. You best believe I will dance across the stage. That's my life in a nutshell. Along the way I also fell in love with the Backstreet Boys and toured with a rando band from Florida. But that's another story.

Day 2: What I am good at
  •  Recall gossip from magazines at a drop of a hat
  •  Rolling my tongue
  •  Useless information about TV, Movies, and random facts
  •  Collecting Babysitter Club Books
  •  Duckfaces while drunk

Both of these pics are circa 2007-2006. 
Who are we kidding, I don't have time to drink anymore.

  • Drive insanely fast
  • Parallel park 
  • Rap all of Summer Girls by LFO
  • Staying in school as long as Van Wilder
All kidding aside, I am really good at rapping Summer Girls. Maybe I should make a video. (Ha, um no.) 
Over and out until tomorrow.


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