10 things I learned while I was 25...

GOD, I am old. This weekend I turned 26. My birthday was less than stellar, but I assume that's how birthdays are after you turn 21 amiright?

1. Friends are hard to find. Is it weird that my friends that genuinely worry about me live over 500 miles away? Thank God for Beardy.

2. Don't be jealous. Just don't. All that gets you is a week of being cut off from all social media. (Per the therapist!)

3. It's okay to ask for help, usually, most of the time you will get it.

4. Being 25 and engaged in college sucks. You have nothing in common with the general population. I am guessing being 26 and engaged also sucks too, right? Here's to the last year of college!

5. You will find out that finally after 4 years of being engaged, it still is hell planning your wedding.

6. Downtown is overrated.

7. Drugstore makeup is just as good as high end brand... except for mascara.

8. Working your "dream job" really isn't your dream job.

9. Being a poor college student does suck.

10. Taking shots with your bosses at work is fun.

I really didn't learn much this year, but hopefully next year I will be full of wisdom...or something.



  1. 1. Friends ARE hard to find, thank god / karma / whatever luck we have going for us that we have each other! But on that note, my birthday prezzie just got mailed today soo I kind of suck.

    2. I could probably use a detox too but then I would be soooo bored. Which is the lesser evil?

    3. You can always ask me! *waves* Hello!

    4. LAST YEAR! Head up, push through, I'm SO SO SO proud of you!!!

    5. I think it can suck at any time. But oh, how convenient that I just happen to be getting back in to this and thus will help you fo free in exchange for a great review!

    6. All downtowns are overrated. Visit one, you've visited them all.

    7. I love my MakeUp Forever, but homegirl is also down for drugstore brands when the dolla dolla bills run short ya knoooow? Except mascara. No.

    8. Dream job = working sporadically, when I feel like it. At something I really really love all the time. Preferably with no superiors.

    9. Being poor any time sucks. "HELP ME, I'M POOR" Watch this movie to laugh and feel better.

    10. Amen. :)

    Love you to little pieces!

  2. my comment was as long as your post lol

  3. So I saw your tweet about looking for LaX photogs and I had to come by and check out your blog.... not because I'm a LaX photog but because I'm from River Falls and I love finding bloggers from my state! So hi!

  4. Even though I'm younger than you, I've definitely experienced a ton of that! Friends are super hard to find after high school I've realized. I thought nursing school would be different but I'm surrounded by catty bitches. We never go downtown anymore. It seems like everyone my age is single or super religious and married so we don't fit in. I <3 drugstore makeup. I can't wait to graduate and make money.