Things I would rather be doing instead of watching the MTV Movie Awards....

Remember back in the day the MTV Movie Awards were entertaining and actually...semi good? This year was atrocious. 

Rebel Wilson was not funny. The jokes were gross and wayy too much about crotches... I don't care to see Seth Rogan's bush. (If you don't know what I am talking about...be happy you don't...) 

No romantic kiss a-la Rachel and Ryan... 

The only thing worth watching was The Catching Fire teaser and that was at the end...well played, MTV... 

I would rather been taking a Stats test. 
I would rather been feeding killer ducks. 
I would rather shave my head. 
I would rather watch Dora with my goddaughter. 
I would rather listen to Love Me Like a Love Song by Selenz on repeat. (I loathe that song.)
I would rather drive Warhol to the vet. 
I would rather be at the dentist. 

...you know it was bad if I say that. 

Did you like the MTV Movie Awards? Or is it pretty pointless?


  1. That pic is one of my all time favs! They were such a cute couple!

  2. I didn't/wouldn't/never bother to watch them. I missed that kiss scene though a few years back and felt pretty out of the loop.

  3. My mom and I ended up watching a little bit of the awards show, but neither of us thought any of it was funny and watching Aubrey Plaza try to steal Will Ferrell's award gave me some hardcore second hand embarrassment.