Carrie Bradshaw is my idol.
No joke, Carrie was seriously my idol.
Before I met beardy, I was bound and determined to find my Mr. Big.

...but what is wrong with that sentence? Mr. Big was a guy that couldn't commit, finally did commit...(but with another woman!), had Carrie be the little floozy on the side and left poor Carrie at the alter.

Sex and the City has left single girls everywhere with an unrealistic view of love, oh, and  money and shoes.

Exhibit A.
Carrie's shoe addiction.

Carrie is a freelance/weekly columnist. How can a small newspaper pay her that much that she can afford Manolo?

Exhibit B.
Adian. Just...I can't.

Yes, I broke up with the man who I should have been with because I was cheating on him with my rich ex man friend. Adian, you're stupid. I love you, but damn.

Exhibit C.
Samantha's job. I know this doesn't have to do with relationships, but it has always bugged me. 

Everyone going into a Comm profesh degree says this at one point: "I want to do what Samantha Jones did in SATC" to which I have to say...Um, no? 
Being in PR is not as glamorous as that. There might be fab clients that you totally love, but it's a lot of grunt work. 
I worked as a PR intern type thing last semester and it was HELL.
Late nights, no swanky parties and I am pretty sure that's how I got my grey hairs.
Think more like Devil Wears Prada and that's what PR is like. 
(PS: It's hard to find pictures of Sam Jones with no f-bombs.) 

Hokay, back to love.
Exhibit D.
Big leaving Carrie at the alter. 

Raise your hand and let me know if you would take him back after he left you sitting there in a Viv Westwood dress with a bird on you head waiting.... and waiting...

Did SATC give you unrealistic expectations? In what?


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  1. I watched SATC for the first time in Dec 2010 after going through a particularly horrendous breakup. I spent winter break inhaling the ENTIRE series because I had finally found people on TV more miserable than I was (Grey's Anatomy worked for that too). I still like it, but I take pretty much everything they do with a grain of salt.

    ... except maybe that closet. I still want that closet.

    ... also that episode where Miranda throws out the chocolate cake and then regrets it, pulls it out and eats it anyway? Definitely done that.