PLL Rundown. Season 3B Finale. (SPOILERS.)

Hi, my name is Liz and I am a PLL addict.

So last night's epi made my head spin. Trying to catch all the clues and keep focused on the show was SO. HARD. It's so much more easier when there are two ppl watching it... (ahem, Jen, getyoasshome...jk, she lives in MPLS now. :()

Let's rundown with the maj parts:

So Toby isn't dead. He's very much alive and apparently on the A-Team as a double agent.

So what does this mean? Is he telling Spencer the truth? Is he protecting the girls? I...just don't know. (His butt chin bugs me, kind of..)

Spencer was infiltrating Mona and was part of the A-Team. She was the one who found Toby...then they kiss and make-up. So there's that.

We also see Jenna (FINALLY) and see who she's been meeting out in the woods. It's the swimmer from the other school, Shanna. Why the hell couldn't they find somewhere less freaky?

We also get to see who Red Coat was in the previews... and like I suspected, it wasn't actually Red Coat. It was Hanna. They were testing Spencer because we learn that "Aria's friend, Ali" who took Ezra's son was Spencer....so the girls know that Spencer was "working" with A.

Spencer gives the liars all an invite to the lake house, which is actually a set up...to catch Red Coat. Who is flying in...which makes perfect sense.
 The lake house thing gives me flashbacks to the books, btw...
What the liars don't know is someone locked them in the lake house and then someone (else??) set the house on fire.

The liars are stuck...and find out that Mona doesn't even know who Red Coat is... (which I don't believe for a minute!!)
Then they pass out from the smoke... and then Red Coat !!!!???! saves them? (Hanna sees who helped her. Um, it was Ali??)

Toby gets hit in the head by some person following him in the woods and leaves him with the lighter that started the fire...it has a NW on it. So that has to be a clue...or something. 
Then they all (liars and Mona, no idea where Toby is) drive back to town (because after being in a fire, you're totally fine, don't you know...) and see that the cop car is out of the lake...and the liars open the trunk to find.....

we don't know. Cliffhanger. We do learn that Wilden is picked up by Melissa and Jenna after getting hit by Ms. Marin.

At the end we see someone pulling someone out of the dirt. So my theory is that it's the twin theory...very similar to the books. But there are others going around the webz about Melissa, a boy.... There seems to be friendship bracelet on the one in the ground so...IDK what that means.


 All in all, I found this episode in PLL fashion, cliffhanger, angry people because we didn't figure out enough... but I enjoyed it. I do believe the twin theory, esp if they follow the books... which I think they loosely do. I cannot wait until Summer.

What do you believe? Do you want to hear my theories?
Please tell me you get this involved in PLL. (for my sake... )



  1. I am obsessed with PLL. I haven't read any of the books but from what i've seen floating around the web, the twin theory totally makes sense. All I know is that I am dying to know!!

  2. I love PLL! I've read the books and so I think the twin theory is probably where they are going. I've noticed that the series changes a lot of things, but they use the books as a guideline. So I've pretty much convinced myself that the twin theory is real. Of course, this is PLL and they screw up my head on the reg, so you never know!

  3. I'm also obsessed with PLL (I hate that I love it) and I'm trying to figure out how the EFF they are going to wrap this shit up so it makes sense? I have a suspicious feeling it's going to leave me angry... but I have hope :)

  4. I love this show too and loved your recap! Is it June yet? (I think that's when it comes back.) I stumbled onto your blog tonight and love it! :)