Learn by my mistakes.

So I realize that I am a role model for my sister....( or so I like to think...) and I realize that I am going to be 26 this year, so obvi I thought that you could learn a little from the mistakes I have made. (Cassie, this means you... )

+++Do not get a tattoo when you turn 18. You will regret the tattoo. I have 8 tattoos, but the ones I got when I was a youngin' and because I could....are the ones I want burned off my body. Tattoos are permanent.  Your parents should tell you that! 

+++Make sure you back up everything you own. (Yes, I am Carrie Bradshaw.) All of my final papers and such disappeared when my computer crashed the Fall of 2008. I cried. I had to start all my papers over with a day left of finals. (Yes, that really happens.)
+++When you are sad, demand an animal (from a shelter) that's how I got Warhol...it was a bribe from my fiancee to live in an apartment I didn't want to live in. 

+++Box dye will turn your hair green.

+++If you have an email that is BaBiEGiRlY27@hotmail.com, change it. It looks silly when you use it for business. CEO's might laugh at you. 

+++Do not go into a Wet Seal, Forever 21, H & M hungover... it hurts, bad.

+++Have a hickey spoon in your fridge. It will come in handy.

+++Platform sandals, tattoo chokers and butterfly clips were never a good choice. Not even in the 90s.

+++The OC will fix a broken heart. So will Boy Meets World and Hannah Montana. 

+++Pack an emergency kit in your car. You never know when you will be stuck on the side of the road, freezing to death, waiting for a tow truck....in a dress.

and finally... 

+++ Never ever stand on a swivel chair.

Learn from my mistakes...or laugh. Some of them really are lessons.



  1. Haha! That last one made me laugh out loud. It always seems like a good plan until it starts spinning and you can't stop!

  2. Yesss the last one is so true! And what on earth is a hickey spoon??

  3. haha that was hilarious! happy friday lady!