High School sucks, why would we want to relive it?

I must be living under a rock. I work and go to school ANNNND intern so I barely see a social life lately. But I keep seeing MEAN GIRL posts today. I already kind of addressed this in previous posts, but I am getting on my soap box once again.

What the eff is everyone's problems?! Okay. So I get Blissdom was this weekend. It has been going on for a couple years now. I get there was a billion tweets this year. But you do realize that you don't need to read them right? I basically flew past them every time I would check my twitter. I know that some of my closest friends were attending, but it just isn't my cup of tea.
You have a RIGHT to choose what you read. I don't even know what went down this weekend because I didn't care to read them...I was focused on the Backstreet Boys getting their Harlem Shake trending.

But why would you get all bitchy and condescending about a WEEKEND where you're supposed to be networking and making FRIENDS?! I already have heard mean girls attend this conference. You know what I say to that? Let it go out one ear and out the other. Blissdom isn't going to make you blog famous. Go enjoy meeting other bloggers. Don't act better than each other! 

We all have graduated from high school at least three or four years ago (or like, 8 for me... but who's counting??) why make each others lives a living hell??! We are twenty-something years old not FIFTEEN. Get the eff over yourself and stop sticking your nose up at people. You won't make friends like that. You will just have passive-aggressive tweets thrown at you, blogs written about you and people getting irate at STUPID THINGS.

I don't know who the hell started this and my post isn't written to anyone in general, but I am just sick of how everyone is treating everyone! It is getting out of hand. Every other day someone is bitching about someone passive-aggressively. Why. WHYYY?

You know why I blog and tweet? Because I like to. Because I make friends like Valentine (holla!) who doesn't even effing blog. Blog friends hurt my feelings this weekend, but guess what? This is what Valentine had to tell me. Great advice. Great friend. And I don't even know who Chili is!!! (Chili from TLC??)

So the point of this rant that probably made no sense? You make the choices of what influences you. So get the eff over it and stop being a bitch to each other.

Thank you and good night.



  1. I'm sorry they hurt your feelings! I remember seeing the millions of Blissdom tweets but I ignored them for the most part.

  2. Amen! I think anytime you have a group of women, it has the possibility to get all high schoolish. I don't get it and I don't like it.

  3. im lost...what the heck is Blissdom? scratch that, if it is a mean girls convention, maybe i don't want to know :(