Dinner for two: Week 1

my view at work, it's okay. be jealous.
Hola amigos! (Ok, I may have worked a little too much at the law firm this week...a partner just got back from Cabo...he says that all a little too much. Also I need to be his BFFie.) Um, hello!? Cabo. Sunshine.

This week is spring break so I have time to actually cook for my beardy! Also, as you can see above, I am no longer working at the striped makeup store so that means I can do reviews of items again! Is anyone wondering about anything? Tell me.

I got a new job at a law firm. It's M-F 1-5. Perf with my school schedule, annnnnnnnd weekends off! Boom shaka laka.

So this week's meals are something new...

Sunday: Deep Dish Pizza (a la Chicago style!!!)
Monday: Leftovers, I assume the pizza is going to be filling. Also, I love pizza.
Wednesday: Basil Chicken 
Thursday: Paninis
Friday: Out!

For lunch I am obsessed (ok, beyond...) with Pizza Lunchables. I just hate spending money on something that I could make at home!!!

I am also trying out the whole homemade hummus thing... here's hoping!

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