Beardy and his anxiety...

Last night, I wasn't even drinking, but I asked Beardy if he wanted to see a pic of me in the dress I fell in love with a few weeks ago.

I agreed to show him my head, no body. Just me in the veil. 

I showed him this.
He looks at me at this moment and goes... "omg, I am having anxiety about that picture."(Being totally serious.)
....now he's...kind of okay with it, but srsly, we have been engaged for almost 4 years. 

Why did he freak out? 
In his words? 
"It's never felt so real." Aw. So if there is a Beardy shaped hole in my door, I know who made it. 

Countdown to the wedding?

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  1. The veil is stunning, no wonder you got him all emotional!