High School sucks, why would we want to relive it?

I must be living under a rock. I work and go to school ANNNND intern so I barely see a social life lately. But I keep seeing MEAN GIRL posts today. I already kind of addressed this in previous posts, but I am getting on my soap box once again.

What the eff is everyone's problems?! Okay. So I get Blissdom was this weekend. It has been going on for a couple years now. I get there was a billion tweets this year. But you do realize that you don't need to read them right? I basically flew past them every time I would check my twitter. I know that some of my closest friends were attending, but it just isn't my cup of tea.
You have a RIGHT to choose what you read. I don't even know what went down this weekend because I didn't care to read them...I was focused on the Backstreet Boys getting their Harlem Shake trending.

But why would you get all bitchy and condescending about a WEEKEND where you're supposed to be networking and making FRIENDS?! I already have heard mean girls attend this conference. You know what I say to that? Let it go out one ear and out the other. Blissdom isn't going to make you blog famous. Go enjoy meeting other bloggers. Don't act better than each other! 

We all have graduated from high school at least three or four years ago (or like, 8 for me... but who's counting??) why make each others lives a living hell??! We are twenty-something years old not FIFTEEN. Get the eff over yourself and stop sticking your nose up at people. You won't make friends like that. You will just have passive-aggressive tweets thrown at you, blogs written about you and people getting irate at STUPID THINGS.

I don't know who the hell started this and my post isn't written to anyone in general, but I am just sick of how everyone is treating everyone! It is getting out of hand. Every other day someone is bitching about someone passive-aggressively. Why. WHYYY?

You know why I blog and tweet? Because I like to. Because I make friends like Valentine (holla!) who doesn't even effing blog. Blog friends hurt my feelings this weekend, but guess what? This is what Valentine had to tell me. Great advice. Great friend. And I don't even know who Chili is!!! (Chili from TLC??)

So the point of this rant that probably made no sense? You make the choices of what influences you. So get the eff over it and stop being a bitch to each other.

Thank you and good night.



Learn by my mistakes.

So I realize that I am a role model for my sister....( or so I like to think...) and I realize that I am going to be 26 this year, so obvi I thought that you could learn a little from the mistakes I have made. (Cassie, this means you... )

+++Do not get a tattoo when you turn 18. You will regret the tattoo. I have 8 tattoos, but the ones I got when I was a youngin' and because I could....are the ones I want burned off my body. Tattoos are permanent.  Your parents should tell you that! 

+++Make sure you back up everything you own. (Yes, I am Carrie Bradshaw.) All of my final papers and such disappeared when my computer crashed the Fall of 2008. I cried. I had to start all my papers over with a day left of finals. (Yes, that really happens.)
+++When you are sad, demand an animal (from a shelter) that's how I got Warhol...it was a bribe from my fiancee to live in an apartment I didn't want to live in. 

+++Box dye will turn your hair green.

+++If you have an email that is BaBiEGiRlY27@hotmail.com, change it. It looks silly when you use it for business. CEO's might laugh at you. 

+++Do not go into a Wet Seal, Forever 21, H & M hungover... it hurts, bad.

+++Have a hickey spoon in your fridge. It will come in handy.

+++Platform sandals, tattoo chokers and butterfly clips were never a good choice. Not even in the 90s.

+++The OC will fix a broken heart. So will Boy Meets World and Hannah Montana. 

+++Pack an emergency kit in your car. You never know when you will be stuck on the side of the road, freezing to death, waiting for a tow truck....in a dress.

and finally... 

+++ Never ever stand on a swivel chair.

Learn from my mistakes...or laugh. Some of them really are lessons.



PLL Rundown. Season 3B Finale. (SPOILERS.)

Hi, my name is Liz and I am a PLL addict.

So last night's epi made my head spin. Trying to catch all the clues and keep focused on the show was SO. HARD. It's so much more easier when there are two ppl watching it... (ahem, Jen, getyoasshome...jk, she lives in MPLS now. :()

Let's rundown with the maj parts:

So Toby isn't dead. He's very much alive and apparently on the A-Team as a double agent.

So what does this mean? Is he telling Spencer the truth? Is he protecting the girls? I...just don't know. (His butt chin bugs me, kind of..)

Spencer was infiltrating Mona and was part of the A-Team. She was the one who found Toby...then they kiss and make-up. So there's that.

We also see Jenna (FINALLY) and see who she's been meeting out in the woods. It's the swimmer from the other school, Shanna. Why the hell couldn't they find somewhere less freaky?

We also get to see who Red Coat was in the previews... and like I suspected, it wasn't actually Red Coat. It was Hanna. They were testing Spencer because we learn that "Aria's friend, Ali" who took Ezra's son was Spencer....so the girls know that Spencer was "working" with A.

Spencer gives the liars all an invite to the lake house, which is actually a set up...to catch Red Coat. Who is flying in...which makes perfect sense.
 The lake house thing gives me flashbacks to the books, btw...
What the liars don't know is someone locked them in the lake house and then someone (else??) set the house on fire.

The liars are stuck...and find out that Mona doesn't even know who Red Coat is... (which I don't believe for a minute!!)
Then they pass out from the smoke... and then Red Coat !!!!???! saves them? (Hanna sees who helped her. Um, it was Ali??)

Toby gets hit in the head by some person following him in the woods and leaves him with the lighter that started the fire...it has a NW on it. So that has to be a clue...or something. 
Then they all (liars and Mona, no idea where Toby is) drive back to town (because after being in a fire, you're totally fine, don't you know...) and see that the cop car is out of the lake...and the liars open the trunk to find.....

we don't know. Cliffhanger. We do learn that Wilden is picked up by Melissa and Jenna after getting hit by Ms. Marin.

At the end we see someone pulling someone out of the dirt. So my theory is that it's the twin theory...very similar to the books. But there are others going around the webz about Melissa, a boy.... There seems to be friendship bracelet on the one in the ground so...IDK what that means.


 All in all, I found this episode in PLL fashion, cliffhanger, angry people because we didn't figure out enough... but I enjoyed it. I do believe the twin theory, esp if they follow the books... which I think they loosely do. I cannot wait until Summer.

What do you believe? Do you want to hear my theories?
Please tell me you get this involved in PLL. (for my sake... )



Target's curse.

Last night I went into Target for my husband's JTimberlake's cd. I don't know what it is about Target, but I always end up buying too much stuffs. Even if I go in with a list. Srsly.

So JTimbs new album? Gold. Gaaaald I tell you. So far my favorite song is Pusher Love Girl. It better be a single. Sooo catchy. 

Last night the PLL finale was on and I know a lot of people were angry with the outcome, but I gotta say...it's a TV show. If you read the books, you know it's a huge mind eff. Tomorrow, there will be a rundown on le blawg. I was going to do a vlog, but nobody got time fo' that! 

...but seriously. I really don't. 


Dinner for two: Week 1

my view at work, it's okay. be jealous.
Hola amigos! (Ok, I may have worked a little too much at the law firm this week...a partner just got back from Cabo...he says that all a little too much. Also I need to be his BFFie.) Um, hello!? Cabo. Sunshine.

This week is spring break so I have time to actually cook for my beardy! Also, as you can see above, I am no longer working at the striped makeup store so that means I can do reviews of items again! Is anyone wondering about anything? Tell me.

I got a new job at a law firm. It's M-F 1-5. Perf with my school schedule, annnnnnnnd weekends off! Boom shaka laka.

So this week's meals are something new...

Sunday: Deep Dish Pizza (a la Chicago style!!!)
Monday: Leftovers, I assume the pizza is going to be filling. Also, I love pizza.
Wednesday: Basil Chicken 
Thursday: Paninis
Friday: Out!

For lunch I am obsessed (ok, beyond...) with Pizza Lunchables. I just hate spending money on something that I could make at home!!!

I am also trying out the whole homemade hummus thing... here's hoping!

B-tee-dubs... follow me on bloglovin? Apparently Google is getting rid of reader so this is the next best thing.... srsly Google, harshin' my mellow.


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Beardy and his anxiety...

Last night, I wasn't even drinking, but I asked Beardy if he wanted to see a pic of me in the dress I fell in love with a few weeks ago.

I agreed to show him my head, no body. Just me in the veil. 

I showed him this.
He looks at me at this moment and goes... "omg, I am having anxiety about that picture."(Being totally serious.)
....now he's...kind of okay with it, but srsly, we have been engaged for almost 4 years. 

Why did he freak out? 
In his words? 
"It's never felt so real." Aw. So if there is a Beardy shaped hole in my door, I know who made it. 

Countdown to the wedding?