Why isn't my life a 90's Rom-Com?

She's All That was on this weekend. It got me thinking. Don't you wish that your life was just like the movies? Wouldn't it be amazing?!

The popular boy falls for you, because that happens everyday.

And then a kick ass dance number happens at your prom. 

And then your boyfriend who lost the bet, graduates naked....because that happens. 

10 Things I Hate About You was hands down my favorite movie in college. I don't know why, I just watched it... A LOT. 

But I ask you...the popular girl gets the geek again. Does this ever happen IRL? (If it happened to you, tell me. Burst my bubble.)

And then the bad boy does a musical number. (God, I miss Heath Ledger.)

I also wanna kiss in the hay while playing paintball. 

There is a movie called Whatever it Takes with Shane West and Stephanie Tanner's BFF, Gia. Oh, James Franco is in it too. Oh, and Colin Hanks...and that guy from Breaking Bad. It's a really underrated movie. 

In this one, the geek wants the popular girl but realizes that he really wants his BFF. 

He lies about his name to become popular, because no one knows you in high school. Really? 
Then you get this really cool number of Shane West playing the accordion in his undies. (Cute...right?)

Oh, and they have a pool underneath their basketball court. Have you ever seen that before? 

I love getting all nostalgic for the 90s. Do you have movies where you wish it would actually happen to you? (Because, you know, it might...or something...)



  1. Gah! I wish my life was a movie, too! Movies seriously ruin me!

  2. I think my prom was such a disappointment because I really thought it was going to be like the proms of 90s movies. The amazing locations, the incredible decorations! And no one even got a drink poured on their head at mine! Lame!

  3. What about drive me crazy with the hot guy from entourage and sabrina the teenage witch? What a rich tapestry of ridiculous! The fat now skinny girl goes for the geek, the alternative kids break up to date the prom queen slash neighbor girl. They go tubing, a vapid girl schemes. Its actually quite gratifying in all its glory.

    new follower :)

  4. lol. i always wanted my life to be like a 90s RomCom back in High School. Esp I grew up watching Dawson's Creek. I've always wanted to have my own version of a Dawson and a Pacey. *sigh* hahaha...

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  6. I think movies ruin a lot of young people and their expectation of relationships and romance sadly, I mean we'd all like life to be like a rom com, but apart from the odd ten minutes here and there it unfortunately isn't. I came by via the GFC blog hop hopefully to swap follows, i know follow you on GFC :)
    Angela x


  7. I loved how to lose a guy in 10 days, and bring it on, lol.