Secret Single Girl Behavior.

Do you remember that SATC episode where Carrie was talking to the girls about her secret single girl behavior (right before Aidan moved in??) That got me to thinking. What is your SSGB?

Do you: 
Drink straight from the wine bottle? (Or Ron Diaz, depending on the night.) 

Watch Khloe and Lamar all day? 

Or the whole Season of The Simple Life? 
Eat froyo for supper. 
Wear your Cupcake face mask by LUSH around the house.
Put a treatment in your hair, still walking around the house. 
Get three orders of eggrolls of chinese delivery takeout. 
Leave your bedroom a mess because you tried on 10 5 outfits for work this morning? 
Use paper plates because you're too busy to be bothered with dishes. 

I have only done some of these, promise. Do you have secret single girl behaviors that you want to share?


1 comment:

  1. Mmmm gurlll. I make chocolate chip cookie dough to eat out of the bowl while watching a ridiculous amount of Investigative Discovery shows or MTV's Buckwild. Totally empowering.