RANT. More engagement junk.

This was my facebook on Sunday. Let me tell a little backstory. Beardy and I have been together since 2008. In 2009 (8 months almost to the day!) he proposed. So you saw here my little rant about my wedding. About the lack of funds... blah blah blah. 

I tried on wedding dresses Sunday, because I got an envelope from a bridal show and it could of had a FREE wedding dress in it! (Sadly, I didn't win...but I still tried on dresses.) 

I was giddy when I actually found a dress where I felt like a....BRIDE!! So naturally Beardy and I start talking wedding dates. We agreed on one and decided that next year, after I am done with college, we will get married. 

Now this is where I get all ragey. I went on facebook to tell everyone the good news...I have everyone and their grandma telling me when I can and CAN'T have my wedding. 

Am I wrong to get a little bit peeved about this? I can thank my dear friend Megs for standing up for me and telling everyone to pipe the eff down. 

Brides, did you go around everyone else's schedule for your wedding day? I find this hard to wrap my head around. Beardy and I picked a day in August, but that's all I am saying. I can't jinx it!


  1. Oh my goodness! People are so silly when it comes to weddings. They will tell you when to have it, where to have it, and what to wear! It gets cray cray! You do whatever you want, whenever you want, it's your day! Congrats on finding a dress that made you feel like a bride! That's exciting!


  2. I think you have to accommodate other people's schedules if you are 1) in their wedding (or they in yours) or 2) they are close family that you hope come to your wedding. With that said, yes, we did have to pick our wedding date based on a few outside factors (think: cousin's wedding, holidays, and already-planned vacations). I don't think it's a big deal to take a few other people's schedules into account (in fact, it shows clarity and maturity in my opinion) but if the fools who were writing on your status aren't in your wedding or aren't close enough to you that you want them there, then screw 'em!

  3. Maybe I am strange, but I personally think people simply letting you know when their dates are (presumably because they would hope to attend yours also) is considerate, not rude. I would want to know before putting deposits, telling everyone the date, etc. if I was conflicting with someone else's wedding date, especially if I had hoped they would be able to attend my event.

  4. You can't please everyone :) As long as your close friends/family that you want there no matter what can go, I think you should choose any day you want! Lots of people did this with us too when we got married. We got married on Labor Day weekend and some people whined that it interfered with their plans/with the Alabama kick off, etc etc. Whatevs! Don't come then! ;)

  5. yes, you cant please everyone but they shouldnt be giving you those do's and dont's.

  6. Heck no! Choose any day that you and your husband like! A lot of people didn't like our date..we didn't care! the most important were there!

  7. Lol noooo way. I was the first of any of my friends to get engaged, however I chose the weekend of Little 5 - a HUGE deal at IU - and quite frankly I don't care. You can prioritize, and if my wedding isn't your priority, so be it! I wanted that date and I went for it. Don't plan for anyone except yourself!! Love you!