PSA. Walking to class

Seriously. School has become such a hassle. All I wanna do is finish and get on with my life!! But at least the walk to class is excruciating fun. 

....why is it girls don't get the memo about leggings? I don't care if you wear them, but WHY must you wear them as pants?!

Seriously, if you need to wear leggings (I get it, it's comfy...) at least wear a shirt that covers up your ass. I don't want to see your butt. Sorry not sorry.

....do you think your hair on top your head like that looks cute? 

this is cute....

this is not... 

That's pretty much it. I don't understand the trend of having leggings sans shirt covering up your bum and top knots that make you look like a teletubby. 

You may go back to your regularly scheduled blog. 



  1. YES that is it a teletubby! I couldn't quite pinpoint what it looked liked until now! hahaha I love wearing leggings but no way could I wear them without a shirt that covered my butt.

  2. Oh I totally agree! I'm way too embarrassed to even wear leggings with long shirts because I'm always second guessing whether they're really long enough. I think the people who do wear leggings as pants just don't care what other people think. I guess it's good they have that kind of confidence? But eep!

  3. I agree, but sadly that's totally me. I literally roll out of bed for class haha oops

  4. I don't get leggings, never did, never will. Embellished, patterned, whatever. Still no clue. Cool with lululemon's to the gym but otherwise not street legal.

    new follower :)

  5. I totally laughed out loud when I read this. I just went back to school and feel so old (even though I'm 24). I hate the leggings and bun on top of the head. I walk about a mile to and from campus every day from my job downtown so I get to see lots of these... I'm so excited for spring but I'm not excited to see the craziness that is the 19 year old wardrobe.

  6. Oh leggings...I love to wear them. At home under a blanket! Never understood people wearing them as pants...when I was still in school, leggings/Uggs/a North Face jacket was the popular look.