he's my lobster...

have you ever met someone you cannot live without? i have. i never thought i would, but one crazy wedding and almost five years later, i am with my lobster. 

you have seen friends. (if not, what is wrong with you!? go rent the whole 10 seasons...) basically, the backstory with the lobster reference was phoebe said that lobsters mate for life and you could see them holding claws in the grocery store tank. rachel and ross were each others lobsters.

hanyways....i am very fortunate to have someone who loves me for me. me 100 lbs heavier than when he first met me. (i've lost 70, got a little more to go!!) me at my worst: depression is an ugly disease. me with no makeup. me dolled up for sephora. he treats me like gold. 

he took me to see giraffes, the eiffel tower and got me two fur babies (warhol was planned, ozzy wasn't). he sings 90s music to me and makes me laugh. he is my number one fan and believes in me. he tells me everyday that i am beautiful and smart. one day he will be my husband.

he is my lobster and even though we don't get to see each other for valentines day (hello, awful schedules!) it doesn't matter. everyday is valentines day to me. 

i love my lobster. 

have you found your lobster?


  1. I am crying....I love you both so much!!

  2. I am crying....I love you both so much!!

  3. sings 90's songs? that's a keeper! I'm loving all the "lobster" stories this morning :)