RANT. More engagement junk.

This was my facebook on Sunday. Let me tell a little backstory. Beardy and I have been together since 2008. In 2009 (8 months almost to the day!) he proposed. So you saw here my little rant about my wedding. About the lack of funds... blah blah blah. 

I tried on wedding dresses Sunday, because I got an envelope from a bridal show and it could of had a FREE wedding dress in it! (Sadly, I didn't win...but I still tried on dresses.) 

I was giddy when I actually found a dress where I felt like a....BRIDE!! So naturally Beardy and I start talking wedding dates. We agreed on one and decided that next year, after I am done with college, we will get married. 

Now this is where I get all ragey. I went on facebook to tell everyone the good news...I have everyone and their grandma telling me when I can and CAN'T have my wedding. 

Am I wrong to get a little bit peeved about this? I can thank my dear friend Megs for standing up for me and telling everyone to pipe the eff down. 

Brides, did you go around everyone else's schedule for your wedding day? I find this hard to wrap my head around. Beardy and I picked a day in August, but that's all I am saying. I can't jinx it!


he's my lobster...

have you ever met someone you cannot live without? i have. i never thought i would, but one crazy wedding and almost five years later, i am with my lobster. 

you have seen friends. (if not, what is wrong with you!? go rent the whole 10 seasons...) basically, the backstory with the lobster reference was phoebe said that lobsters mate for life and you could see them holding claws in the grocery store tank. rachel and ross were each others lobsters.

hanyways....i am very fortunate to have someone who loves me for me. me 100 lbs heavier than when he first met me. (i've lost 70, got a little more to go!!) me at my worst: depression is an ugly disease. me with no makeup. me dolled up for sephora. he treats me like gold. 

he took me to see giraffes, the eiffel tower and got me two fur babies (warhol was planned, ozzy wasn't). he sings 90s music to me and makes me laugh. he is my number one fan and believes in me. he tells me everyday that i am beautiful and smart. one day he will be my husband.

he is my lobster and even though we don't get to see each other for valentines day (hello, awful schedules!) it doesn't matter. everyday is valentines day to me. 

i love my lobster. 

have you found your lobster?


PSA. Walking to class

Seriously. School has become such a hassle. All I wanna do is finish and get on with my life!! But at least the walk to class is excruciating fun. 

....why is it girls don't get the memo about leggings? I don't care if you wear them, but WHY must you wear them as pants?!

Seriously, if you need to wear leggings (I get it, it's comfy...) at least wear a shirt that covers up your ass. I don't want to see your butt. Sorry not sorry.

....do you think your hair on top your head like that looks cute? 

this is cute....

this is not... 

That's pretty much it. I don't understand the trend of having leggings sans shirt covering up your bum and top knots that make you look like a teletubby. 

You may go back to your regularly scheduled blog. 



Why isn't my life a 90's Rom-Com?

She's All That was on this weekend. It got me thinking. Don't you wish that your life was just like the movies? Wouldn't it be amazing?!

The popular boy falls for you, because that happens everyday.

And then a kick ass dance number happens at your prom. 

And then your boyfriend who lost the bet, graduates naked....because that happens. 

10 Things I Hate About You was hands down my favorite movie in college. I don't know why, I just watched it... A LOT. 

But I ask you...the popular girl gets the geek again. Does this ever happen IRL? (If it happened to you, tell me. Burst my bubble.)

And then the bad boy does a musical number. (God, I miss Heath Ledger.)

I also wanna kiss in the hay while playing paintball. 

There is a movie called Whatever it Takes with Shane West and Stephanie Tanner's BFF, Gia. Oh, James Franco is in it too. Oh, and Colin Hanks...and that guy from Breaking Bad. It's a really underrated movie. 

In this one, the geek wants the popular girl but realizes that he really wants his BFF. 

He lies about his name to become popular, because no one knows you in high school. Really? 
Then you get this really cool number of Shane West playing the accordion in his undies. (Cute...right?)

Oh, and they have a pool underneath their basketball court. Have you ever seen that before? 

I love getting all nostalgic for the 90s. Do you have movies where you wish it would actually happen to you? (Because, you know, it might...or something...)



Secret Single Girl Behavior.

Do you remember that SATC episode where Carrie was talking to the girls about her secret single girl behavior (right before Aidan moved in??) That got me to thinking. What is your SSGB?

Do you: 
Drink straight from the wine bottle? (Or Ron Diaz, depending on the night.) 

Watch Khloe and Lamar all day? 

Or the whole Season of The Simple Life? 
Eat froyo for supper. 
Wear your Cupcake face mask by LUSH around the house.
Put a treatment in your hair, still walking around the house. 
Get three orders of eggrolls of chinese delivery takeout. 
Leave your bedroom a mess because you tried on 10 5 outfits for work this morning? 
Use paper plates because you're too busy to be bothered with dishes. 

I have only done some of these, promise. Do you have secret single girl behaviors that you want to share?