you probably won't like this.

Blogging cliques. You know what I am talking about. Why has this taken over the blogospere?!  What happened to all being friends and sitting on rainbows?
I get that we are all "trying" to make it as a blogger, but do we need to get all Mean Girls on each other?!

So numbers of your blog matter. You can say it. We are all thinking it. You may think they don't, but if you don't surpass over 500 in the first year of blogging, you aren't succeeding. I guess that means that I am not successful, huh? I have been blogging on and off for the past five years. I only started getting followers about six months ago.
Why? I have no idea. 

I want to think it was because lovely Aubz designed my blog and its more aesthetically pleasing...but it was also because I don't blog about things that are actually important to me. I don't tell you all about the depression that I suffer from...because no one wants to read about that. Most want to read about the weekend and getting sloshed off of boxed wine. My weekends are nothing about wine and usually involve me working double shifts.

I don't get sent hairdryers and flat irons like most bloggers. That's possibly because I don't do OOTD posts. Sorry, I am not comfortable in my own skin...and most of my clothes are so last season. (I know fashion, I just can't afford fashion...)

The cliques that have formed within the blog world make me feel like we are all back in high school. I feel like there are these tables:

The Queen Bees (much like Cady Heron and Regina George's table)
The bloggers who have a million followers, but don't care about the numbers
The bloggers who are like, really famous
The bloggers who want to be like the Queen Bees
The momma bloggers
The wedding bloggers
The fashion bloggers
The DIY bloggers

And these bloggers stay in these groups even on social media. I have noticed that much like Mean Girls, the mommy's socialize with the mommy's, the wedding girls socialize with other wedding girls and so on. 

So when did we decide to go all Regina George on everyone?



  1. If it makes you feel any better I think OOTD posts are usually pretty boring and I have been blogging almost a year and am nowhere near 500 followers. FAIL.
    I enjoy blogging but I def. see the cliques. Sometimes I wonder if some of those bloggers even drink the wine they post about?

  2. I'm dying, this is so true. I love the bloggers who are like, really famous. I've read your blog for quite a while, and I keep coming back because you AREN'T one of those bloggers. You write real shit. I join in on weekend updates and other link-ups when I feel like I have nothing else to talk about. OR I don't blog *GASP!* haha Maybe it's just me but I just recently stopped commenting on a few blogs I've followed forever because they can't send back a simple thanks! I get it, they're busy and get 100 comments+ on a post, but whatever, have some common courtesy?
    Keep doing what you're doing!
    And hey, maybe we can start our own clique. Bloggers who like, don't give a shit about chevron or bubble necklaces? I nominate you as president ;P


  3. Well, I guess I'm not a successful blogger then ;)

    Whatevs; I'd rather read a blog like yours and people who blog about everyday life than read review of hair straighteners everyday!

  4. Girllll, you know I love me some boxed wine. haha!
    I say, if you wanna post about how bad your double weekend shift sucked, do it! If you wanna post OOTD photos of your last season clothes, do it (because I probably have the same exact outfit in my closet)! It's your space, do what you want with it. :)

  5. I love your blog and I never post comments because I am always afraid to. I have blogged for 3 years and I have 62 followers and I don't care. I thought I wanted to be this high numbered blogger and then I realized I really don't care and I just blog for me. I decided to redo my "sponsor's page" and side bar to highlight the blogs I love and read daily because I really want everyone to be read and not just followed for a $10.00 gift card.

    P.S. You will be on my I hearts page once I have it completed and ready to be on the site.

  6. BLOG CLIQUES!? GASPPPP ;) haha I love you, girl

  7. OMG OMG OMG! This is hysterical and so so true!

  8. I don't know if I've noticed clique blogs. I read a wide-range of blogs and some may have similar themes. I have noticed the "queen bee" blogs though. There have been a few blogs that I have stopped following because they were TOO into themselves and their content became boring. Every post was about awesome they were and how awesome their business is growing. That's great in all..but not interesting if it is several times a week.

  9. 500 followers in a year, huh? Seems kinda crazy to me. I think you absolutely should blog about how much your double shifts on weekends sucked, even if it is the same thing you did last weekend. Real life means so much more than OOTD posts anyway.

  10. I totally know what you are talking about. sadly.

  11. I SOO agree! Ive been blogging almost 2 yrs and am nowhere near 500 and am currently doing nothing about it, happily. I DO NOT get these fashion blogs and other cliche blogs. Isn't a little narcissistic for someone to think I care about what they wear every.single.day?? Lol.

  12. This cracked me up and made me a little sad at the same time because everything you said is really true! I've been blogging on and off for a few years now but just switched to blogger about a month ago. And numbers? I don't have any! But that's really okay with me because I just like to share what I like to share... and that's the whole point, right?

    Thanks for talking about the elephant in the room:). I love this post.

    PS- I'm Lauren and it's my first time at your blog!:)

  13. kinds sad, but totally true! Id say lets create a group for the "loners" of blogger, but then we be at there levels :p luv ur blog so far, found you via the link up, come say hi if you'd like!

  14. I feel the same way about clique bloggers! Although I think it's more about reaching your own niche of readers/followers than attempting to separate into cliques.

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

  15. this was seriously hilarious. first of all- true. second of all- i love mean girls more than any other movie.