Why I suck as a blogger.

So, my twitter has been all full of Bachelor things since yesterday. I must suck as a blogger because I don't really do the whole Bachelor thing. But then I was thinking... I don't do a lot of the "popular" things on twitter. 

I suck as a blogger. 

The bachelor is dumb because of the sole fact that I believe that he is dating multiple woman, then when he gets down to 3 or whatever, he's cheating on the other girls with the other.

I hatehatehate the Boo Boo Child phenom too. That family did NOT need a TV Show. 

I don't understand the whole GIF thing... Everyone seems to be using them in every.single.one of their posts. (I tried to, I feel like I am trying too hard.)  And they are from usually a Real Housewife of sorts. 

I don't even know why the Real Housewives are on tv. If you want dramz turn on Young and the Restless. (Holla to Nikki and Victor!!)

I don't even know what a weekend means, so you won't see my brunch on Sunday or my wine Saturday night.

Speaking of wine. You know how I feel about boxed wine...it's kind of faux pax... and I like it. 

I don't do OOTD posts because, well, I wear leggings and oversized sweaters to the nursing home and I have a costume for the makeup store. 

I don't do sponsorships...mostly because I only have 300 some followers...

I don't do giveaways, because I don't have the money to buy gifts to giveaway. (sorry.)

I don't do Starbux. I don't see the point, it's overpriced. 

I don't paint my nails, because I usually screw them up within the first hour anyway. 

I have never seen Revenge, Once Upon a Time, or really care to watch a college football game. (Sorry, Meliss. Don't hate me.) <3 

So, you see why I say I "suck" as a blogger? 
I'm sorry. 

I do, however, watch Pretty Little Liars, and there will be recaps. I am OBSESSED.

To all my new readers, welcome! I appreciate that you want to spend time reading what I have to say (no matter how lame I can be...)




  1. And all of those things above are why I love you :)

  2. haha..hilarious!. I don't do most of things you listed off too. I really really dislike reality TV. Whenever I speak with co-workers or some friends I have no idea what they are talking about because I don't keep up. I don't know what weekends are too. For my full time job my days off are split and one is during the week so I don't ever have two days off in row.

  3. LOVE everything about this. OMG PLL! I Can't wait!

  4. Haha, well I'm sold! I had NO IDEA how big the Bachelor was in the blogoverse, and I'm not a fan either. Ditto for Real Housewives. Pretty Little Liars >>> Reality TV!

  5. I don't do much of this list either and I am okay with that. haha

  6. If that's true, I suck as a blogger, too, which I do anyways, but I still do it because it makes me happy ;-) And reading your stuff does, too!

  7. Haha, I guess then if you suck as a blogger so do I ;) I'm just lucky if I can make a post come out without all the asldjkhfsadklhdaf from my 8 month old banging on the keyboard.