Previously, on i couldn't help but wonder...

I took a blogging break. Now I am back and recharged. Annnnd because Whit from Yoga Pants decided to make a link-up I decided that I wanted to participate!

♥ I love talking about myself.

♥ I have an unhealthy obsession with the Backstreet Boys. (And by unhealthy I mean totally in the norm...)

♥ I collect the Babysitter Club books.

♥ This is the way I take pictures when I clearly had way too much to drink.

Except I usually am not dressed in flapper attire.

♥ San Francisco will always be my home away from home.

♥ I was a theatre major in college, then tech communication, then fashion journalism and now finally PR. FINALLY.

♥ 90s anything is a favorite of mine including: full house, lisa frank, sabrina the teenage witch, babysitter club books, big hair, 3EB, train back when he was all "meet virginia"....

♥ I was engaged on the fake Eiffel Tower and I probably have the longest engagement known to man.... (Going on 4 years...) !!!

♥ I love watching youtube beauty gurus.

♥ I have been a vegetarian more times than I can count.

♥ I could live off of fruit snacks.  

♥ I can rap all of Summer Girls flawlessly. 

El fin.



  1. If I love Nsync as much as you love BSB can we still be friends?

  2. Found you from the linkup and I loveee that flapper costume. I may need to borrow that asap for everyday attire.