Lessons learned from the OC (volumeo dos)

One of my most read posts was my lessons from the OC a while back. I always meant to continue it (hence volume uno...) but I never got around to it. Until now.

But first, a quiz.
What is Sandy Cohen saying in this gif?

a. you're right. 
b. yogalates
c. yyyyyesssir

1. So, yogalates is a word. Amiright?

2. When you don't want someone to come into your room just say you're naked. 

3. You learned how to say Tijuana right. 

4. Paris Hilton is now irrelevant...and so are flip phones. 

I will always love The OC. Joking aside, I just cannot get enough of the Cohen family (and I guess Marissa...) But seriously, do you like The OC? 

Tell me why.



  1. Never heard of this before but it's really funny!Anyways,come join a bucket list link up yeah? :)


  2. Yogalaties. Schemer a bagel. Chrismakuh. Yamakauh! Loved this show!

  3. Love the OC but I haven't watched it in forever!

  4. When my sister told me about The O.C. I thought I would hate it; it's just not my kind of show. BUT I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! Man I laughed and cried, I wished it was my life... Every time I hear "California" by Phantom Planet I get nostalgic. Aaanyway, new follower from the blog working blog hop! :)