Disappointed in Target.

This is my target. Almost completely still there. Everything.
Sad huh?
Def a big fat FLOP.

The one thing I wanted was the Marc Jacobs pouch. When I saw it... 
I cried a little inside. 
 It's so cheap looking!

My goddaughter Kalea could wrap up a clutch in tin foil and it would resemble this!

This was the worst part of the whole thing. The cheap looking MARC JACOBS. I can't even...
When did Target think this was a good idea!?
And Mr. Jacobs would put his name on this!!?!

They are still 20.19 or whatever, so it's 70% off, but I may look and see if it goes down to 10.00, because I can justify spending 10, not 20...and obviously not 69.99!

Thank you to my friends who talked me down from buying the cheap pouch. Without social media I would be using a tinfoil pouch.



  1. That doesn't even look like something Marc Jacobs would have his name to. I really like your comment " Without social media I would be using a tinfoil pouch" Hilarious!

    Found you via The Blue Eyed Owl blog hop


  2. My Target is the same. Shame on Neiman Marcus for trying to sell us cheap crap at a huge mark-up just because of the names on merch. The huge amt of material still on hand now marked down to 70% is a GOOD SIGN that we, the buyers, didn't fall for it.



  3. The Target by me was the same! It looked like no one bought anything, how sad. I was excited for the Marc Jacobs pouch online especially the rose gold, it was horrible in person. I like how you said it looks like tin foil because I completely agree!

  4. I wasn't impressed with ANYTHING that was there, except maybe the white $100 dress for little girls and babies. But seriously? $100 for little girls and babies. No way. $70 for a target shirt for myself? No way. $50 for three ornaments? No way. There is still so much available of this failed line at my target, too. Big fat fail.

  5. Serious Target FAIL. I almost bought that pouch too then I took it out of the package... Uh, no way. I considered using it as a make-up bag but I could find something much more suitable for the same price but cheaper.
    Fingers crossed Target tries to make up for this with their next collaboration!


  6. You got some good advice and think that a better deal will always come along!! I am a new follower and I enjoyed visiting your blog. I would love for you to follow along.