That one time I spilled a whole beer all over Warhol.

Finals were this week. Obviously you didn't see me very much on the social medias....its because I was dying trying to finish papers, studying for finals and passing said finals.
Monday night, I was drinking a beer whilst studying. I must have gotten wayyy into why Caribbean culture has changed over the past 3 decades, but I spilled my beer ALL over Warhol. 

Yep, Warhol got a beer baf. 

Still 2 days later, he is still mad at me. I blame it on finals. 
I am offically done. I think Ryan Gosling helped me through....that and finding out that DAN was #GOSSIPGIRL. (I haven't watched GG in years. I was just very interested in finding out who GG was!) 

 So with that, I will have time to drink a full beer, read a book I actually enjoy (hello, new PLL book!) and BLOG. 

Finally. I am free for a month. 

Yeahhhh girrrl. 

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