PSA: Retail.

Dear Angry Holiday Shopper,

I am your friendly retail sales girl. 
I work long hours on my feet picking up after you.
I try to bend over backwards to make you happy, just so you can leave in a good mood.

I work the day after Thanksgiving, so you can get those amazing deals.
I work the day after Christmas, so you can take back those amazing deals.

I work until midnight or 1 AM so that you have time to get all that holiday shopping in. 

But, I beg of you. Do NOT take your anger out on me because we don't have a certain product. I am a sales girl, I have no pull in the company. All I can do is take your name and number and call you when it's in. 

You do NOT need to scream at me because I cannot give you a discount on a product because the other one isn't in. I literally get paid minimum wage. I cannot call Mr. {insert company here} and tell him to send one over. I do not have that kind of power.

I smile and try and make everything okay with you, so that you will not call and bitch at my manager because I didn't give you what you want. It is out of my control.

Please next time you scream at a sales person because they don't have your size, your color or a certain product, stop and think. What if someone was screaming at you? How would it feel?

Shopping is supposed to make you feel good. I am not out to get you or to "ruin your Christmas" I promise. 

So next time you storm into a store and scream at a minimum wage employee, stop and think. 

We have feelings too, you know. 

Thank you. 
You may go back to your regularly scheduled blog now.



  1. Hugs to you! Hopefully the rest of the holiday season goes decently for you. I can feel your pain - I worked in retail for a handful of years, and grew up with a dad working in it for over 30 years.

  2. I'm with ya sister. You put it perfectly!

  3. I loved this post so much I shared it with my readers for my biweekly series, Lots of Link Love. I hope you'll come check it out, see some other posts I've loved over the past two weeks, and maybe even share with your readers!



  4. Visiting from Casey's blog. Loved this post. I was out shopping on Thanksgiving and the sales people were all so friendly. Sometimes my crazy toddler can be crazy making me want to get out of there always at checkout! Thank you to you and all other retail for keeping a smile- you guys make me take a deep breath and smile too.

  5. Visiting from the blog hop over at Peacoats and Plaid. This post is TOTALLY true. I worked retail all through out college and couldn't understand why people would yell at me when I was being nice.

    I think everyone should work retail at least once!

    Newest follower. :)