Neiman Marcus for Target..WANT.NEED.

I am so out of the fashion loop that I didn't even realize that Neiman Marcus was coming out with a line at Target. 

It's a Wisconsin girl's dream! The closest Neiman is probably in Chicago. So that equals about 5 hours+ away! 

After looking at all the swag online, I decided to make a WISHLIST (that I will never get) but it's always fun, right?!

 I need some MJ wrapped around my neck, but for $69.99, MJ sweat and tears better be on this scarf (ew, kind of)!  I will live with my hand-me-downs.

 I am all on the rose gold train, but again, $69.99 is a little steep for a POUCH. 

I can justify this. Right? $49.99 to be the most stylish person in my yoga class (that I don't take...) No? Ok. 

This is the only thing I could justify buying...because I mean, my suitcase is broken..okay?! But again, the pricetag makes me want to jump out of an airplane I just took my ridiculously overpriced luggage on.

So, the Neiman Marcus line for target? I think I will just stick with my hand-me-down designer stuff and pretend this line didn't exist. Maybe in a next lifetime when I am not a poor college student, I can afford real designer stuff. 

Is it sad I hope it goes on sale like most of the other stuff that debuts at Target? Then maybe I can afford it. I rarely buy full price at Target! 



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  1. I mean, I love Target, but I don't understand this duo. Those prices definitely aren't Target prices. Ha! Cute, though!!