Myspace Poetry.

Years ago before beardy, I used to write myspace poetry. A lot of it. I decided to go on and see what I wrote. (Funny, I remembered my password...) Most of it was about a boy (or three) who I was seeing but some of it was morbid too. 

Here are some of my favorites: 

That amber-brown liquid,
it burns your throat.
Do you like the way it feels?
Far away from reality.
An imaginary world where
life is all blurry.
Lies spew from your mouth
under the influence.
I've realized to believe nothing you say.
It's Jim talking, not you.
You, I've never knew.
I saw Jack in your eyes.
I fell in love with a stranger.

Her hair done up all nice and knotted in a bun.
She has her best dress on.
Lips rosy red and mascara black.
Waiting patiently, all dolled up.
Dress long and flowing of pinks and purples, down to the floor.  
A beautiful vision waiting for him.
Hours pass, him never showing.
Her dress wrinkling, with every pace.
No phone call, no explanation. Black smudges start to cover her face.
Between her inauditable cries she mutters "I guess he loved hitting the bottle more than me..."

Broken Glass. 

My world is crashing down.
I feel no pain as I run on broken glass.
Everything is numb.
I'll never amount to anything.
My feet are covered in chards of glass,
run faster. All I can think is to get away.
from this...
all I can do is run away.

It never solves anything, but I haven't been one to take the logical way out.

Scars and ink.

I bite my lip holding back the words I want to tell you.
I've never been jealous.
She makes me jealous.
And she does too.
You pull me out of my world and straight into yours.
That absolutely frightens me.
Don't mold me into someone that you want.
Take me as I am.
But you don't want me as is.
Dark hair and dark eyes.
My favorite part of my body is my wrists, covered in scars and ink.
You don't want the scars and ink.
You want someone who fits into your world.
My world is something different of sorts.
I couldn't pull you into it,
but could you put me back into mine?
I want to get on with my life.
So please place me back into my world and out of yours.
Unless you want the scars and ink. 

Angelic Voice 
Someone once told me:
Angels dance when you sing.
Your voice enthralls the divine skies.
Make beautiful music.
I sang, and alluring notes flowed from my lips.

One day the notes stopped.
Blank sheet music left on the piano.
No beautiful music escaped my lips.
The angels stopped dancing, and asked me:
Why stop singing?

I replied: Why sing when the desire has died?

Hide behind make-up and layers of clothes.
I am sweetly rejected.
Beauty isn't everything,but I believe it means something.
Am I beautiful?

My reflection says otherwise.
not perfect enough.I want to be someone you want.
Not perfect.

My biggest critic is you.

So that was fun.... My .... cuddle buddy? boytoy? at the time was a jerk. Drank too much, the other one played mind games...  does anyone know their myspace password? What embarrassing stuff can you dig up


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