I am NOT old.

Guyz. I cannot deal. Tonight while I was taking out my "DILIGAF hair" today, I found THIS.

I am not ready for this!! And that beyotch was LONG. Like, how did I not notice that!?
My whole life flashed before my eyes. 
Instead of wanting to get my hair colored, I will HAVE to get my hair colored. 
Maybe I'll go blonde...harder to see the greys. 

Then I texted my stylist. 
I mean, 25 is early to get grey's right!? 
Someone reassure me that it's okay. Hold me. 

When did you start getting grey hair? Did you freak the eff out too? 
(I am only half kidding, but seriously, that is a GREY hair...) 



  1. Girl, I found one a couple months ago and I got wide-eyed and was like WHAT IS GOING ON. But, I haven't found any since so I think it's normal?

  2. coming in from GFC collective hop newest follower ..hope you can come follow me to ?

    hahaha i got my first grey hair when i turned 30! just one ,,not sure if i have more thanks to hair dye hehe.

  3. I was 25 when I found my first grey hair! And yes I did freak out! I thought it was a mistake. I understand what your feeling. I am happy to be your newest follower via GFC link up! Feel free to stop by cowgirlbootsandthecity.blogspot.com. Have a great evening!

  4. I was 24 when I was getting my hair done for a wedding I was standing up in. The stylist pointed it out to me and because it lies on the line where I part my hair, I get to see it every.single.day. I'm leaving it because I like it... kinda. It's so light compared to my brown hair that it's a little bit of a novelty now!

    Embrace it, girl! Don't worry about coloring your hair - be who you are and don't worry about it :)

  5. my hair stylist recently found a grey in my hair too! I am only 26 so don't feel bad. Life is stressful!! I am holding out on color tho. Once I am all grey I am going to HAVE to color so I want to hold out with natural hair as long as possible!

  6. haha, oh my goodness, too funny. I've found a few. lol. Embrace it. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


  7. Following you , saw you through GFC collective link up :)

    Oh my , my mum shouted a lot when she found her first gray hair 8 years ago haha :)I guess ladies with gray hair are so graceful :)


  8. lol. i first started finding random grey hairs in high school... :(

  9. It's funny, my perception is so opposite! I think something's wrong with me because I haven't found a gray yet! I'm kind of excited to lol.

  10. this is so funny...i mean, it's not funny, obviously. it is very serious, but..i actually instagrammed almos an identical picture yesterday captioned "grey hairs are such assholes!" because they ARE, right? they just pop up, all wiry and weird. i hate them. i am way older than you, but i do think i got a few when i was 25...sigh....they suck.