date night idea #001

Ever wonder what you should do for date night? 

Here's what Beardy and me do. 
Go to a busy store and park the car. 
(This works better when you park closer to the door.)
(AND also if you have ice cream or froyo.) 

Then ad lib for the people coming out of the store. Beardy and his BFF used to do this all the time in college.

 That's it. Cheap date right? It's also crazy entertaining. 

I also recommend wearing soft comfy clothes. (Gasp!!! kind of an outfit post?...nah.) 



I'm not drunk, I'm from Wisconsin.

Last weekend I went out to hear my uncles who have a band play. Usually, it's a whole family ordeal, people show up, drink and dance their asses off. Last week was no exception.

My brother and sister showed up. (Well, actually I came with my brother...but still.)

My brother doesn't always make this face. He's about 5 Whiskey Cokes in.

My cousin showed up too, he was the DD for my Grandma's sister. (Kind of... ha) 

Okay, maybe he had a few too...

Then the dancing began. 

All in all, it was a great evening. I ended up bringing my brother home to my house because he wouldn't stop saying "I'm not drunk, I'm from Wisconsin." He proceeded to eat McChicken sandwiches on the floor of my apartment, while trying to feed Warhol in the process. 

My brother wanted to go out again and because Beardy was with his family, I had nothing to do. What did I learn from that night? 

Drinking games SUCK. You are 25 years old, you cannot play Asshole and games like that. 
Do not drink malt bevvys and expect not to get drunk. 

Saturday also included eating beef jerky, listening to WAY too much country music, meeting a guy that looked like Jason Aldean...(actually, I met him before, but this time I talked to him), drunk facebooking. drunk tweeting. drunk texting. 

Sunday I woke up thinking I was going to die.

Obvi, I am too old to drink 2 days in a row. I guess I will stick to my glass half a bottle of wine with dinner. 



Doomsday shmoomsday.

Tomorrow is the end. Even though New Zealand is obviously in 12/21/12 and they are still standing...there are still people who believe tomorrow is it. 

I can't help but think about the things I am glad I got to do. 

I gotz a ring put on it in 2009. So, hey at least I am not swilling wino... single. 

I got married in 2010... waiiit (Still hasn't happened. Still engaged.) 

I got to see my beloved Backstreet Boys in concert.

I adopted a cat. Then I got him a pet. 

I moved to California by myself. That was fun. 

I went to Miami to fashion week, got to sit almost front row and rub elbows with some reality stars/some random stars. (Still kicking myself for not asking Whitney from the Hills for a pic. She's gorge in real life.)

I went on tour with a rando band... and didn't get killed. (I still have that leg the guy (Chris, my fav) on the left is holding.)

So, all in all, it was a good lifetime. Here's to the rest of eternity! Hey, at least I won't have to pay for my loans! (Read: Sallie Mae can dieeeeee.) 

But seriously, some of the shiz on the social medias makes me want a Xanax. 



PSA: Retail.

Dear Angry Holiday Shopper,

I am your friendly retail sales girl. 
I work long hours on my feet picking up after you.
I try to bend over backwards to make you happy, just so you can leave in a good mood.

I work the day after Thanksgiving, so you can get those amazing deals.
I work the day after Christmas, so you can take back those amazing deals.

I work until midnight or 1 AM so that you have time to get all that holiday shopping in. 

But, I beg of you. Do NOT take your anger out on me because we don't have a certain product. I am a sales girl, I have no pull in the company. All I can do is take your name and number and call you when it's in. 

You do NOT need to scream at me because I cannot give you a discount on a product because the other one isn't in. I literally get paid minimum wage. I cannot call Mr. {insert company here} and tell him to send one over. I do not have that kind of power.

I smile and try and make everything okay with you, so that you will not call and bitch at my manager because I didn't give you what you want. It is out of my control.

Please next time you scream at a sales person because they don't have your size, your color or a certain product, stop and think. What if someone was screaming at you? How would it feel?

Shopping is supposed to make you feel good. I am not out to get you or to "ruin your Christmas" I promise. 

So next time you storm into a store and scream at a minimum wage employee, stop and think. 

We have feelings too, you know. 

Thank you. 
You may go back to your regularly scheduled blog now.



That one time I spilled a whole beer all over Warhol.

Finals were this week. Obviously you didn't see me very much on the social medias....its because I was dying trying to finish papers, studying for finals and passing said finals.
Monday night, I was drinking a beer whilst studying. I must have gotten wayyy into why Caribbean culture has changed over the past 3 decades, but I spilled my beer ALL over Warhol. 

Yep, Warhol got a beer baf. 

Still 2 days later, he is still mad at me. I blame it on finals. 
I am offically done. I think Ryan Gosling helped me through....that and finding out that DAN was #GOSSIPGIRL. (I haven't watched GG in years. I was just very interested in finding out who GG was!) 

 So with that, I will have time to drink a full beer, read a book I actually enjoy (hello, new PLL book!) and BLOG. 

Finally. I am free for a month. 

Yeahhhh girrrl.