Why you hatin'?

I have a confession to make. 99.99995% of the wine I drink is boxed. (Or 2.00 bottles from Aldi, but that's a different story...)  After hearing that KHolmes drinks boxy wine, I heard (and saw) that people were kind of like..."whaa? Girl is prob going to get half of cray Cruise's money and she's drinking outta a box?!" 

You know what I got to say to that? Draaaank up dollface!
What is so bad with boxed wine? Honestly. You get more bang for your buck. It has def come a long way since Fraznia! 

It's cheap, easy to open (for the most part) and they actually have good flavors! If you're a broke college student human being, def try it out. I won't judge you. 

I mean, seriously, if you can drink out of a wine juice box at tailgaters, you can drink boxed wine. You will thank me.
One of these is not like the other.



  1. I love boxed wine girl!! My mother and I always have boxes in our refrigerators!!

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  3. Oh I totally forgot about those little boxes of wine. I like to put those in my purse so I can sneak them into the movie theaters :)