No makeup. Blowdryer optional.

I used to look like this everyday. Evverrrrydayyyy...
Everyone knows that I have beyond busy with my new job lately. (Obviously with the lack of posts...) 

But...I have a confession... 
I wear makeup for my job. A lot of makeup. Spackled on makeup. I literally have to take a putty knife and chisel it off.

So when it comes to going to class, I don't always dress up. Wait. I don't even put effort into my outfits. I wear old college sweatshirts and jeans. Three months ago, I didn't even own jeans. 

Second part of my confession? I go to class with wet hair. Yep. I have transported back into high school... except I can drink. 

Don't judge me. I'm tired. My face needs to breathe.