Warhol wants.

Guyz. I'm back!
Who missed me!? So, last time I took over, mom was going with the big one to Seattle to see the big one's best friend. Auntie watched me and my little brother, which wasn't...that bad. At least Auntie didn't kill us. 

Now it's time for Christmas! My brother has already knocked over mom's tree three times. I don't think Santa is bringing him anything. But here's my list, just incase you want to get me something, or pass it on to the man in the red suit and a beard. 

This owl is cute. Mom likes owls. It will go along with her decor. 

Balls. I love balls. (That's what she said...) 

I could be active, but who are we kidding? Put turkey in one of those ball things, then we will talk.

This I would share with my brother.

Mom saw this. She freaked. She is working at a makeup store now.... I must remind you that I am not a girl...

I want a fort.

I promise I will be good for at least the end of this week. That's long enough right? 

I'm outtie peeps! 



I am (almost) a .... Belieber.

Let's talk Biebs. I mean... he's of age now, right? 
His new video "Beauty and the Beat"

I mean...I like it. There. I said it. It's got a good beat and he's looking pretty (not 18) cute. (Okay, kind of 18...)

Can we talk about the tattoo that we can see in most of the shots? Yep. Okay, when did that happen? I like a boy with tattoos. 
But the beat is good right? Am I losing my mind? 

Can we talk about one more other thing? This part of the video... 

It makes me feel dirty. Seriously makes me feel like they are dry humping on stage. I mean, when this was filmed he was with Selena right?! Oh, and the lyrics...

Justin.. Bieber, you know Imma hit 'em with the ether
Buns out, weiner, but I gotta keep an eye out for Selena

WHO SAYS THAT!? Um, the W word should be beeped out on the radio version. Is it? Please tell me it is. My 7 year old goddaughter best be not going around saying the W word. 

Also, who finds it rather amusing that J and S break up a couple of weeks after this song is out. Guess Nicki doesn't have to keep her eye out for Selener. 

Oh, can we discuss how JBiebs keeps grabbing his crotch? 

Lezbihonest, just because Michael Jackson did this doesn't mean it is alright for you to do it. 

I said I was almost a Belieber. I won't change the song if it comes up on my KISS FM, but I am not fangirling over him either. I am still fangirling over the return of BSB. I mean, at least they are Nick is my age! 


Erin Condren Planner LOVE.

I have had my Erin Condren Planner in my grasp for about two months now. Why haven't I blogged about it? Because I kept forgetting. And my camera is broken. (A la iPhone pics)

I won my EC planner from a giveaway that one of my dear blog friends, Melissary, was hosting.

I loove to organize, so this planner is definitely the beez kneez.
You can personalize it the way you want, I first name, middle named it. The pattern reminded me of Lisa Frank of the 90s. (I am a 90s child...)
There a special quotes all over the place in this planner. It's uplifting on bad days.
The KIT folder in the back is great for holding paystubs and other crap I forget to mail.
My favorite part is the months, which are big enough to write in and fits both of my jobs, plus meetings and class dates.
Then when you open up the week you can see morning, day, night...which ROCKS because usually I am in school in the morning, day is when I work at the makeup store and night is usually for homework/blogging.
They even included some personalized stickers, which I thought was a very nice touch. 

So let do a Pros and Cons list, shall we? 

Big spaces to write
Both views of the calendar

Too bulky
KIT should be both sides with a folder
The cover looks cheap

That's pretty much it. I love this planner, I am going to try and utilize it as much as I can the next year. I just wish I could fit it in all my purses. Y'allz know how busy I am.



No makeup. Blowdryer optional.

I used to look like this everyday. Evverrrrydayyyy...
Everyone knows that I have beyond busy with my new job lately. (Obviously with the lack of posts...) 

But...I have a confession... 
I wear makeup for my job. A lot of makeup. Spackled on makeup. I literally have to take a putty knife and chisel it off.

So when it comes to going to class, I don't always dress up. Wait. I don't even put effort into my outfits. I wear old college sweatshirts and jeans. Three months ago, I didn't even own jeans. 

Second part of my confession? I go to class with wet hair. Yep. I have transported back into high school... except I can drink. 

Don't judge me. I'm tired. My face needs to breathe.



Why you hatin'?

I have a confession to make. 99.99995% of the wine I drink is boxed. (Or 2.00 bottles from Aldi, but that's a different story...)  After hearing that KHolmes drinks boxy wine, I heard (and saw) that people were kind of like..."whaa? Girl is prob going to get half of cray Cruise's money and she's drinking outta a box?!" 

You know what I got to say to that? Draaaank up dollface!
What is so bad with boxed wine? Honestly. You get more bang for your buck. It has def come a long way since Fraznia! 

It's cheap, easy to open (for the most part) and they actually have good flavors! If you're a broke college student human being, def try it out. I won't judge you. 

I mean, seriously, if you can drink out of a wine juice box at tailgaters, you can drink boxed wine. You will thank me.
One of these is not like the other.



Didya vote? (Not a political post)

These two lovlies did this yesterday, which I found adorable. So I took it. (Hello, Ross.) I, like Ross, am super medicated on account that I had a emergency root canal done on Monday. (NOT FUN, btdubs)
Now, I don't want to talk about the election, but I do want to talk about other things I would vote for.... on a invisible ballot. 

1. I vote that Culver's be in every state. Because, well, I craved it in California and there was only Carl's Jrs...and that's gross. 

2. I vote that now that Backstreet is back together, they do a huge tour, much like the Millennium tour back in the day...and not just for the cray fans that have BSB in their twitter names. Srsly...

3. Along those same lines, JTimbs needs to come back and make more music....maybe with Three Six....MAFIA! (It's in a song, okay?)

4. I vote that there should be a channel with just 90s reruns on them. Alllll of them. Maybe some 80s thrown in, but I miss Daria, Clarissa, Alex Mack....Hey Arnold, Stick Stickly!!! 

5. I vote that scrunchies are outlawed. Just no. 

6. I vote that bad reality tv (ahem, I am lookin' at you Honey Boo Boo) goes away. If it's on, the family that is being followed by cameras gets fined a million dollars. 

7. I vote that on Wednesdays we wear pink. (It's just good sense!)

I could go on, but I won't... in my hydrocodone haze, I will stop there. Thank you for reading...if you finished this.