What I am thinking while I am watching scary movies...

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So, if you know me, I love watching slasher movies. Scream 1,2,3,4....I Know What You Did Last Summer, Halloween 1212309023....but I always wonder...

Why is it that the killer always walks fast and never runs, yet the person being chased is running like a bat outta hell?

Why is it that the knife (or whatever they are using) makes that *shhhhtthh* sound? 

Why is it always dark when all the bad things happen? Can't it ever be daytime?!!

Why do we always have to see T & A? I mean, is that necessary?

Why is it that the music is the one thing that makes you jump? 

Why can't they show bloopers at the end of the movie? I mean, I just peed my pants from fright, I wanna see Michael Myers trip over a misplaced branch or something....

In all reality, I am a fraidy cat. Go figure. 
Do you like scary movies? What's your favorite one? {Said by Ghostface}
PS: LOVE that dog. 



  1. I agree! And I watched Halloween and Halloween 4 last night, so good!

  2. I tend to avoid scary movies because then I am all nervous and scared for the rest of the day/night!! That is such a cute pic of that dog, haha! :)

    <3 Denise


  3. Okay, I love this costume. So cute!