Black kitten for sale! JK.

So, today is Ozzy's birthday. My little black terror is one year old today! So let's recap all that he has done this year... because, everyone knows that Oz is truly a terror.

He has: 
1. Stole my mascara and hid it. I found it 6 months later. 
2. Destroyed all our furniture.
3. Chewed on everything within our apartment. 
4. Chewed through the Wii cord. 
5.Aaaaand now he has done this: 

Destroyed my earbuds. Was going to listen to my nightly episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch (ikno,ikno) and put my earbuds in. They didn't work. It was because Oz the little black terror chewed through them! So chalk that one up to the little guy. 

Happy birthday oh, little Oz. Good thing you're cute and your dad loves you.



Things blogging makes me want but I don't need...

1. Tory Burch flats. 
 2. Leaves candles.
3. Louis Vuitton anything. 
4. A pug. (In a moose costume...)
5. Everything from Target. 

How about you? Do you want something because of blogging?



So, I got bangz.

I change my hair. A lotttt. A lota lot.  So here is my new look. I was dressed up for werk, lots of eyeliner and fake eyelashes. 

Tell me, do you wish your hair was long and then end up chopping it? Because that's me. Every.single.time. 



What I am thinking while I am watching scary movies...

found here.

So, if you know me, I love watching slasher movies. Scream 1,2,3,4....I Know What You Did Last Summer, Halloween 1212309023....but I always wonder...

Why is it that the killer always walks fast and never runs, yet the person being chased is running like a bat outta hell?

Why is it that the knife (or whatever they are using) makes that *shhhhtthh* sound? 

Why is it always dark when all the bad things happen? Can't it ever be daytime?!!

Why do we always have to see T & A? I mean, is that necessary?

Why is it that the music is the one thing that makes you jump? 

Why can't they show bloopers at the end of the movie? I mean, I just peed my pants from fright, I wanna see Michael Myers trip over a misplaced branch or something....

In all reality, I am a fraidy cat. Go figure. 
Do you like scary movies? What's your favorite one? {Said by Ghostface}
PS: LOVE that dog. 



Open letter to Justin Timberlake, after his wedding...

Dear JTimbs,
First AJ and now you!?
You're now Mr. Jessica Biel... I don't know how I feel about that. But seriously....I hope your wedding day was beautiful....and I hope you didn't have that scruff when you said "I DO." You kind of look like a hobo... (I mean that in the nicest possible way...)
Seeing you with that wedding ring really makes it feel like reality. You're really married.
You're not a cute little teenager with bad hair anymore. You aren't dating Britney Spears and wearing matching denim. (What WAS that about?!) 
Hope you beatboxed at your wedding and slow danced to "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You."
Hopefully Jess still lets you host SNL and drop by unannounced. 
Well, I guess I will say "Bye, Bye, Bye" now and go cry in my pillow. 
I hope you have a good life with Mary Camden. 



PLL...feelings...so many feelings!

PLL...I just...can't. 

 This is how I felt at the end of the episode... 

And now after Mona confirming it's Ali in the body bag....

January cannot come fast enough. I have a problem.