One quick post before I start on my homework. Confessions have been going around blogs again, but I figured I would tell you truths instead. 

Truth: Yesterday, I contemplated not going to class. It was the first day.
Truth: I feel stupid in my Statistics class. I don't understand it. Anyone want to tutor me?
Truth: I am really going to miss a few of the people I work with at the salon. 
Truth: I am worried about the future....so much that it keeps me up at night. 
Truth: I am worried about flying next week. I hate flying. 
Truth: I miss my grandma more than I can ever tell you. 
Truth: I fear I am not good enough for anyone. (Too deep?)
Truth: I cried when the Backstreet Boys took the stage last week on GMA. 



  1. Awww! I made an A in statistics... because the teacher had just been diagnosed as having altheimers :/ sooooooo goodluck!!! I'm sure you'll catch on in no time!

  2. I have nominated you for an award! Check it out at the following link;


  3. Hi!

    I'm stopping in from the Friday Chaos blog hop! I am one of the co-hosts this week and I'm so glad you linked up!

    I hope you have an awesome weekend!


  4. Oh man, wanting to skip class on the first day isn't a very good thing! I always thought i was bad at math till I took stats--and that one turned out to be a breeze! It's probably because you just started--stick it out a few more weeks and everything should be making much more sense. If it's not...blame it on a bad teacher. :P