Three things I have learned by watching Just Friends...

Two of my all time favorite movies is Just Friends and Van Wilder. Mostly because Mr. Ryan Reynolds is in them. I mean, yum. 

But I literally have seen Just Friends probably close to a millionjillion times. (yes, I made up that word...it means a lot.) 

3. Day dates= bad. 
Has anyone went on a day date before? Have they turned out to be a romantic relationship? Exactly. 

2. Popular people's best days of their life are in high school. 
That makes me feel better about myself. 

1. Ryan Reynolds has an abnormally long torso. Thank you costume designers for letting me see a lot of peeks of Ryan abs. 

Chris, why are you at Joyce's?

Best movie everrr. Jessica knows what I am talking about. 
Have you seen it? (Prolly...) 



  1. "Just Friends" is definitely one of my favorite movies. I love everything about it. Especially Ryan Reynolds. Amy Smart is really pretty too!

    xoxo Heather