The one thing college taught me (vol 1)

In 2005, I was a freshman in college. Obviously, I had friends that could get me alcohol. But, we were broke college students, so we always got the crappiest vodka possible. 

Now this is when genius theater kids that wanted better vodka came in. What did we use to make it better?

A water purifier. Boom. 

We filtered it probably like, 4 times and we thought it taste better. (We were also pretty buzzed.)

Moral of the story? Be resourceful. 

Oh, and don't do this near a computer. I shorted out my right side of the keyboard because of this. 

You're welcome.

Disclaimer: I am not condoning underage drinking by any means!! 



  1. Literally the first night in my dorm room, my roommate and I decided to make some margs before going out. I spilled the entire pitcher on myself before either of us drank a drop. Needless to say, that was the last time I made margs in our room lol

  2. Haha this post made me literally LOL! I remember drinking crappy vodka. I also thought it made me faster, so I'd do sprints in my dorm hall. .........wowwww...

  3. Oh the days of buying cheap vodka just to get drunk...haha!

  4. ahaha i haven't had vodka in so long! this post is awesome. it has me reminiscing to the time my friends and i had our first drinking adventure. we went to super 1, got some random to buy us alcohol and they managed to get us orange md 20/20. like, seriously WHO would drink that?! we did. needless to say we were all hanging out by the toilet that night... ohhh underage drinking :)

  5. You crack me up. I was a freshman in '05, too!!!! :) We definitely weren't as resourceful though. ;)