i hate flying.

We fly out for Seattle on Thursday. Guys, I have a confession. I hateeee flying. HATE it. 
Usually, this is when people ask "Liz, you used to fly from SFO to CHI all the time, right?" Enter exhibit A:

Yep. I travel with a stuffed animal. I have brought him every trip since 2006. I am that girl who has a teddy bear in her lap while taking off and landing. Usually squeezing the living daylights out of him... 

So, my question is...how do you get though flying?
Should I get really drunk before taking off? 
Should I take a Valium? 
I need advice!


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  1. I usually just try to make sure I am sufficiently tired when I get on the plane so I can sleep through as much of the flight as possible. It doesn't really work out for me anymore though now that I generally have a baby with me when I fly.. What are your plans in Seattle? We go there generally about once a year. It's not a bad drive from Portland.