Guest post from Simply Evani!! All about BSB!

Hola party people. I'm Evani from Simply Evani and while the lovely Liz is enjoying Seattle, I'm here to bring the party! 

So as you can tell by the aforementioned photo, I too, am a crazed Backstreet Boys fan. Complete with tour t-shirt, foaming at the mouth and the nervous twitch in my eye. I know, I know, not EVERYONE is as big a fan of BSB as Liz and I are but before you click away from that weird-guest-poster-girl, I'm here today to share with you WHY the Backstreet Boys
could eat N*Sync for breakfast
are the best boyband in the world.

 1. They're STILL together. Sure Kevin strayed for a few years but he is back and the fab 5 are still going strong. Getting ready to release another album, FACT. 

2. The Backstreet Boys don't have a silly asterisk in their name. Seriously N*

3. They go on cruises, with their fans. And not just ANY fans. I mean the fans willing to buy minimum $800 tickets to be on a ship with them. That's being brave my friends.

It's like an dolphin encounter... except with a Backstreet Boy!

4. While N*Sync, 98 degrees, NKOTB all had their shining moments, Backstreet Boy songs are the only ones I still hear playing on the radio nowadays. Sure it's mostly adult hits stations or department store music, so what? I still do a little jig when I hear them. Have you even heard "Bye bye bye" since the year 2000? Didn't think so.

5. Teen heartthrob hair showdown: I think we have a clear winner.

6. Just because I can't end this without listing my all time fave Backstreet Boy songs: As Long As You Love Me, Hey Mr. DJ, Everybody, If You Wanna Be a Good Girl, Don't Want You Back, Shape of my Heart, Get Another Boyfriend, The Answer to Our Life, More Than That, Never Gone, One in a Million.

I know some of you N*Sync fans aren't ready to face the music (despite the fact JT clearly walked away from his group for superstardom) but the Backstreet Boys are BACK (alright!).
Did I lose everyone already? Oh well, all the clearly SANE people are left I'm sure. :) Photo Sources: 1/2/3/4/5/

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why you love the Backstreet Boysabout your day!
Thank you to the lovely Liz for having me! I hope your readers aren't completely weirded out by our joint love of the Boys...

Thanks so much for guest posting girlie!!! 
See. I am not as crazy as I think I am. 
AND PS: put me in that Backstreet Boy encounter any day! (Pref AJ) 



  1. Hey! Don't hate on NSYNC! hahaha.

    I am excited for BSB's new album though. And if they go on tour, I'm seriously considering getting tickets.

  2. The fangirl in me squeeled! You know how much i love nick carter.... Mmmmmmmmm. I can immitate his voice from Anywhere for You. Mmmm

  3. Hun, Nick Carter didn't just win teen heartthrob HAIR showdown, but eyes, mouth, nose, eyebrows, chin. Justin may have had a killer body, but you'd have to put a bag over his head to do him......Just saying.

    1. You're so right! I was trying not to make this a dirty fight but I am a Nick Carter girl ALL the way! :)

  4. Hey Evani - came from your blog to your guest post - AND YEEEEAAAH BACKSTREET'S BACK ALRIGHT!!! I absolutely love BSB. Few weeks ago I was thinking about the great Teeny and Young Adult Times and we had the best with BSB!!!
    Thanks for the post! love it!
    I am really excited for the new album and I am hoping they will come to Europe with it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nina! So happy to have found another BSB fan! :)

  5. Hahahah, gotta love Backstreet Boys. I remember dancing to them in my modern dance class as a teen. Good stuff!