Guest Post by my Bestie, Melissa!

Have you met my bestie? Melissa blogs over at 53 Blonde and she is one of the best people you will evereverever meet!! She is going to answer that age old question...

When Liz called out for guest bloggers - I immediately said I wanted to do it. I mean, with her new blog name, how could I resist!? Sex and The City fans know and love the infamous "I couldn't help but wonder" and of course, who wouldn't want the opportunity to use that in their own post? So here goes...
For all my fellow Sex and The City fans - I couldn't help but wonder... who do you think Carrie should've chosen? Aidan or Big?

Eeeek! Yes, I went there. The big question for any Sex and The City fan, and one that many still argue about (or is that just me?) to this day.

So with that being said... I'm team Aidan. I know, I know - normally people say Big. They were perfect for each other, they work it all out, lalala. But no, I must instead argue why it should've been Aidan. I have two main points:
1. Aidan is literally Big's opposite when it comes to commitment and emotions. He's 100% in with Carrie and Big just isn't all the way in until the very end of the series. Aidan gets back with her, tries to forgive her affair, proposes - he's just always there. Big isn't.
2. He's building his business (which, if were real, I would totally buy from!) and making something of himself... Big is already "Big" before we know him. I mean, I know we all need money - but when it comes down to it, wouldn't you rather have genuine love? (Again I say - I know that Big eventually gets there - but Aidan had genuine love for her and she ruined it.)
There are lots of things I love about Aidan - I love that he has a dog, is more relatable to real life men, and is obviously someone that genuinely feels, both the good and the bad. Big often is a jackass - I mean... could you marry someone that had an affair with you when they were married to someone else? I don't know that I could...
But that's another discussion for another post. The real question: Aidan or Big?
Oooh dang! She's on my side when it comes to Carrie's beaus. Thank you Meliss for guesting while I am in Seattle!  


  1. Team Aidan all the WAY. Big is a big....well, douche.

  2. I always loved Aidan the best!

  3. Oh I always loved aidan. He was good to her...I was happy they brought him back in the movie too.

  4. I am Team Aiden 100%. I never understood her relationship with Big. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets severely emotionally attached to television characters like they are (a.) real and (b.) my real life friends. Sigh...