The one thing college taught me (vol 1)

In 2005, I was a freshman in college. Obviously, I had friends that could get me alcohol. But, we were broke college students, so we always got the crappiest vodka possible. 

Now this is when genius theater kids that wanted better vodka came in. What did we use to make it better?

A water purifier. Boom. 

We filtered it probably like, 4 times and we thought it taste better. (We were also pretty buzzed.)

Moral of the story? Be resourceful. 

Oh, and don't do this near a computer. I shorted out my right side of the keyboard because of this. 

You're welcome.

Disclaimer: I am not condoning underage drinking by any means!! 



Warhol Wednesday!

Obviously he survived his aunt watching him. 
Warhol has been really P.O'd because I have been trying to learn my stats.
He doesn't think I need stats. 
I agree with him. 
I love my fur face. 


Three things I have learned by watching Just Friends...

Two of my all time favorite movies is Just Friends and Van Wilder. Mostly because Mr. Ryan Reynolds is in them. I mean, yum. 

But I literally have seen Just Friends probably close to a millionjillion times. (yes, I made up that word...it means a lot.) 

3. Day dates= bad. 
Has anyone went on a day date before? Have they turned out to be a romantic relationship? Exactly. 

2. Popular people's best days of their life are in high school. 
That makes me feel better about myself. 

1. Ryan Reynolds has an abnormally long torso. Thank you costume designers for letting me see a lot of peeks of Ryan abs. 

Chris, why are you at Joyce's?

Best movie everrr. Jessica knows what I am talking about. 
Have you seen it? (Prolly...) 



Reasons I am going to move to Seattle.

7. The beautiful scenery. 
cabin view in La Conner, WA
6. Pike's Market
5. Menchie's


3. Fresh seafood/amazing food. 
2. Mountains
1. These people. 

Promise I will be blogging soon. Seattle definitely was fun, but school went on without me....catching up is HARD to do!



DIY Beauty!

 I am sosososo excited to be doing this with these lovely ladies!
I am a huge makeup person, but with all my spackling of makeup, comes problem skin. I have been on a tight budget lately, so I went to my cupboard. 

Today I am going to show you what I have been loving for my skin!
(Disclaimer: patch test these products on your arm just in case you are allergic!)

Have you ran out of your Clinique Toner? Dilemma right? WRONG! 

All you have to do is store it in your fridge and shake it up when you're ready to use! (I used unfiltered vinegar for my concoction!) 

Why does it work? 
Because ACV has lactic acid in it. It has antibacterial properties too. (weird right?!) 

Everyone on twitter (@elizalouisebell, fyi) has been talking about those pumpkin lattes from Starbucks this week...so I thought I would try a pumpkin mask. 

Mix it up until smooth and put in on your face for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water!
Use the rest of the pumpkin puree to make some pie! (Really, it's fall. Yum.) 

Why does it work?

Pumpkin is full of antioxidants and vitamins!! It will leave your skin soft and feeling much more refreshed!

Now this one is for acne prone skin, so listen up if you have those pesky pimples! 
Bananas are one of the best things ever for acne prone skin, so when I found this recipe, I made sure my friends tried it. (I don't have acne prone skin.)

Smoosh the banana until pretty smooth and add the lemon juice and blend until creamy. Put it on your face for up to 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

Why does it work?
Bananas have tryptophan in them which is an amino acid and great for your skin!! 

I hope you try all of these and also start thinking about what you can put on your face that can help your skin!

Do you have any secret recipes for your face?


Guest Post from Lady Million on HTML!

While I am in the city where Patrick Verona and Kat Stratford met, I am leaving you in the amazing capable of HTML hands of Katie, from Lady Million

Welcome to lesson one of the easiest DIY blog design you'll find for free.  Excited much?  I am.  It's been requested of me (by many) to do these tutorials since I have left the novice stage of blog design behind and can say I SOMEWHAT know what I am doing.  So I'm going to do my best to teach you the basics based upon my experience of designing and installing my own blog design.  

Today's tutorial is going to be:  Creating a Blog Header.  But I am aware that some readers out there need me to take a step back and explain how to get started with a template, so I will give a brief rundown of that.

I started my blog using the Simple Template.  To do this, go to your blogger dashboard, click Template ----> Customize, then over to Simple.  The options on the left will allow you to make all necessary customizations to make it exactly what you want.  I chose the two column template, but it is completely up to you.  Adjust your widths, choose a background color, etc.  Click "Apply to Blog" to save.  Then "Back to Blogger."

The simple layout will give you a very simple ( Ha.  Get it?) visual of what your blog will look like.  There will be little squares all over your layout.  These are the different aspects that will make up your blog.  In your blogger dashboard, click on "Layout".  Today I will teach you how to install the header part located at the very top of your layout.  Here to be exact:

To create the header, I use the site www.picmonkey.com.  It's amazing and can pretty much do everything you will need to create your blog.  First, you will want to click "Edit a Photo" and upload ANY photo that you have.  Then on the left side, click on the fifth option down titled "overlays".  Click on the rectangle, and stretch it over your picture so it is completely covered.  Make the rectangle white.  At the top, click on the option labeled "Merge Together" (next to upload/save).  This will create one image and will look like this:

 This will be the background that you work on to create a header.  Once you have this, you can get as creative as your heart desires.  Use the text option to the left, and whatever else you would like.  Here is a very simple example of what can be done using text and geometric shapes.

 Next, you will crop your image into a rectangle.  After you crop, you will need to resize your image to about 800-900 megapixels wide, and about 200 tall.  To figure out the width of your blog, go back into the Template, hit Customize, and then Adjust widths.  This will show the width of your blog in terms of megapixels.   After sizing, SAVE the image (always as .png to avoid a grainy image) to your desktop.  The final image will look like this:

In your LAYOUT , click on the top box labeled "header".  A box will pop up and allow you to upload the image that you created and saved to your desktop.  Make sure you check the box that says "Instead of Title and Description".  SAVE.

That's it!  You can now hit "Preview" to view your new header.  You will then want to "Save Arrangement" to make sure it saves.  It's that easy.   


Guest Post by my Bestie, Melissa!

Have you met my bestie? Melissa blogs over at 53 Blonde and she is one of the best people you will evereverever meet!! She is going to answer that age old question...

When Liz called out for guest bloggers - I immediately said I wanted to do it. I mean, with her new blog name, how could I resist!? Sex and The City fans know and love the infamous "I couldn't help but wonder" and of course, who wouldn't want the opportunity to use that in their own post? So here goes...
For all my fellow Sex and The City fans - I couldn't help but wonder... who do you think Carrie should've chosen? Aidan or Big?

Eeeek! Yes, I went there. The big question for any Sex and The City fan, and one that many still argue about (or is that just me?) to this day.

So with that being said... I'm team Aidan. I know, I know - normally people say Big. They were perfect for each other, they work it all out, lalala. But no, I must instead argue why it should've been Aidan. I have two main points:
1. Aidan is literally Big's opposite when it comes to commitment and emotions. He's 100% in with Carrie and Big just isn't all the way in until the very end of the series. Aidan gets back with her, tries to forgive her affair, proposes - he's just always there. Big isn't.
2. He's building his business (which, if were real, I would totally buy from!) and making something of himself... Big is already "Big" before we know him. I mean, I know we all need money - but when it comes down to it, wouldn't you rather have genuine love? (Again I say - I know that Big eventually gets there - but Aidan had genuine love for her and she ruined it.)
There are lots of things I love about Aidan - I love that he has a dog, is more relatable to real life men, and is obviously someone that genuinely feels, both the good and the bad. Big often is a jackass - I mean... could you marry someone that had an affair with you when they were married to someone else? I don't know that I could...
But that's another discussion for another post. The real question: Aidan or Big?
Oooh dang! She's on my side when it comes to Carrie's beaus. Thank you Meliss for guesting while I am in Seattle!